Released New Freight Rate Quote Calculator for Mobile Users 

Posted On 30th April 2018

Freight Calculator - Mobile Screen We just published an upgraded version of our freight quote calculator that is more mobile friendly. Check it out!

Happy Holidays! 

Posted On 24th December 2017

Common Carriers, Transit Times and Online Freight Booking 

Posted On 13th November 2017

Fast Delivery Option Common Carriers often provide estimates between zip codes for their transit time - FreightRun automatically passes on that information. Buyer beware: for some carriers those times reflect performance 90% of the time; for many others they are only a goal, and for those carriers they feel they are under no obligation to meet that time. The best carriers fulfill their estimates 90% of the time.  The worse carriers are more like 50% on time.  If your shipment needs a delivery appoint ...

Full Truckload Shipping and Rates with 3 key advantages 

Posted On 19th July 2017

Full Truckload Shipping Advantages When booking shipments on, the freight professional gains 3 key advantages:Quality and Security: We send in only vetted carriers.  We have checked their insurance, operating authority, and reputation.  Often, we have done business with them already.  We protect you and buffer you from the many frauds and schemes that exist on the carrier level.Freight Reviewer:  We supply you with a staff of experienced freight trackers who look out for you every step of t ...

Announcing automated 3rd Party Supplementary Insurance at 

Posted On 26th June 2017

Got Freight Insurance? FreightRun now partners with Falvey Shippers Insurance to provide you with automated Supplementary Insurance quotes. This option is now available when you book your shipment on! Importance of Supplementary Insurance:When a shipment is lost or damaged, it can take months before your claim is settled under a carrier’s standard limited liability coverage. Also, the limited liability coverage provided through your carrier will usually only reimburse damage for cents on the ...