FTL freight services

FTL: Full Truck Load Services

FreightRun uniquely offers its clients automated FTL quotes based on the current market value of full truckloads (FTL) recently booked in the lanes you enter. FreightRun can also search out lower rates via volume pricing, large partial pricing, or with “load-to-ride” contract carriers as well.

What does FTL stand for in the shipping

A full truckload shipment is typically a shipment with more than 12 skids. After 12 skids, you have most likely exceeded the halfway point in terms of truckload capacity, and it may make sense to “buy the whole truck” or van – as freight is usually packed in a 53’ dry van.

How to ship via FTL

FTL (full truckload service)FreightRun can typically book a truck for its established clients in 30 minutes or less. Unlike some other online brokers, FreightRun will not tell you your freight is booked until a specific carrier and driver are assigned to your shipment. Until then, we will work feverishly and leave no stone unturned to find FTL capacity that fits your specific and unique shipping requirements.

If you are a regular full truckload shipper but the automated pricing FreightRun returned to you seems uncompetitive, please contact a FreightRun team member and explain the characteristics and requirements of your FTL program, how you are buying and managing your FTL now, what FTL services you now receive and at what price. Once we are fully informed, we can most likely offer you competitive FTL pricing that also protects you against price increases, better than any of our competitors can do.

If your company sells on a “delivered” basis, you should also check the current market price of FTL on FreightRun’s FTL pricing tab, in the specific shipping lane you sold in, to prevent being unpleasantly surprised by an unexpected higher cost at the time of order fulfillment. Or if you are a buyer or purchasing manager for your company, it is critical for you to check how much the freight will most likely cost as “landed cost”. FreightRun’s automated FTL freight calculator allows you to do this for FTLs and large partials (4 skids or more).

If you are a giant shipper - shipping 20-500 full truckloads daily, FreightRun can uniquely help keep your logistics costs steady while assuring your company that the trucking market will have the “lift capacity” in place so that your revenue and sales will not be stunted by an inability of the supply chain to get your goods to your clients.

Depending on the nature of your FTL shipping program, its seasonality, its growth and your products’ pickup and delivery requirements, Freight Run’s FTL logistics experts can optimize the right combination of guaranteed asset-based full truckload capacity along with flex capacity from the spot full truckload market.

If your company needs to be protected from fuel price increases, there are various methods and tools we can employ which will provide your company with a strategic sales advantage against your competitors. Your CFO or other relevant executive should contact FreightRun’s senior managers and explain your company’s supply chain and full truckload program’s key objectives.

FreightRun’s FTL brokers are among the most experienced in the industry and adhere to a strict code of ethics that require complete transparency to our clients. FTL expedited, FTL team, and regular FTL are all available to FreightRun clients. Give us a try!