Heavy Equipment Transportation Services - Find the Best Rates

Shipping heavy equipment? Our service allows you to compare the rates of multiple freight carriers and then choose the equipment hauler that best fits your needs.

How to Transport Heavy Equipment

While our network of trucking companies will take care of transportation and delivery, you want to make sure that you prepare your documents and items beforehand to ensure a smooth process.

Most importantly, you want to prepare your shipment to take every precaution to keep your oversized equipment as safe as possible.

This means:

  • Remove any batteries;

  • Empty all fluids such as gas or water;

  • Cover any part of the item that you don't want to be exposed to the outside world or weather;

  • Refer to your original owner’s manual and look up packaging and moving requirements for how your equipment should be precisely secured and packaged up;

  • Make sure to tighten up any loose parts;

  • Know how much your item weighs, and its outside measurements L X W x H. It is an excellent idea to re-measure it;

The shipper's insurance covers your shipment for replacement value. However, it is recommended to always purchase additional insurance from a third party to be on. safe side.

Heavy Equipment Transport Options

There are a variety of shipping options that should make it easy for you to find one that fits your needs. Heavy equipment hauling includes, but is not limited to:

What is Needed for Oversized Equipment Shipping

Oversized Heavy Equipment Transportation

All that is needed for heavy equipment moving to run a quote are the outside measurements of what you shipping, weight if possible, and description of what you are shipping.

If you are shipping a common tractor, or backhoe, or specialized equipment that is sold standardized we can help you find the weight and dimensions from the manufacturer’s website.

If you do not have complete information yet, contact us anyway with the information that you do have. We will guide you through the rest.

One last item you’ll want to know as you are booking is the actual carrier’s insurance. Knowing this information upfront may save you hours of sleep later on if there is a problem.

Again, if the carrier’s policy looks deficient in any way, we can help you purchase supplementary 3rd party freight insurance.

Choose a Trustworthy Heavy Equipment Transport Company

We only align ourselves with the most trustworthy heavy equipment transport companies. You can rest assured knowing that your equipment transport is going smoothly and efficiently when you book freight with FreightRun.

We have done all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to you finding a trustworthy heavy equipment transport company.

Typical Requirements for Heavy Equipment Movers

The typical requirements that are expected from you are:

  • Item documentation

  • Dimensions and weight

  • Enough clearance from wires and space to back in and out at pickup and delivery locations.

  • Equipment is ship-worthy, all loose pieces removed, everything packed per legal requirements and manufacturing recommendations, and ready to go and able to be loaded within a two-hour window if possible.

What Can Be Delivered with a Heavy Equipment Transport

A wide variety of oversized items can be shipped using our services. Below are just some of the various heavy haul equipment that can be delivered by our heavy equipment transport companies:

  • Agricultural equipment;

  • Construction equipment;

  • Hydraulic equipment and heavy machinery;

  • Industrial equipment;

  • Engineering equipment;

  • Farm equipment;

  • Dump trucks;

  • Engines;

  • Windmill Blades;

  • Conveyor equipment;

  • Pipe;

  • Mining Equipment, Hydraulic drills;

  • Ball Mill Shells;

  • Grinder Equipment;

  • Lattice crawler cranes;

  • Project Cargo from Barges and Ships.

Additional Tips on Heavy Equipment Shipping

Always ask questions when dealing with heavy equipment transport companies. You have a variety of options when it comes to equipment transport.

Most heavy haul trucking will offer multiple options for transporting your equipment, so you can always go with the choice that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Primary among your goals when shipping equipment is:

  • Safety of the truck and trailer while your equipment is hauling. You are the shipper and legally are liable to make sure the load is moving in the most secure and safe fashion possible. Use your common sense and ask the driver and ourselves questions. If you don’t like the answers, stop the load!

  • Reliability of the Truck hauling your equipment – you want to avoid trucks that will break down or have trouble pulling your equipment over the route which might include mountains. Sufficient Horsepower is a must!

  • Regulations - make sure you “are legal” ie underweight and/or not over length, over width, or over height. We can help you with this in advance. If special permits are needed, we and the carrier will work together to get them for you!