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Are you shipping fresh or frozen food, meats, or seafood products anywhere across the United States?

Refrigerated LTL trucking ensures that your products reach your distributors and customers in a timely manner, and in temperature controlled environment with a specified temperature range.

At FreightRun, our nationwide network of refrigerated LTL trucking companies ensures that you’ll be able to find the right truck at the right price for your company. If you're interested in LTL refrigerated shipping - contact us and we'll help!

What is a Refrigerated LTL Carrier

What is refrigerated LTL shipping

LTL stands for less-than-truckload, and usually refers to freights that are less than 150 lbs. and take up less than 1/3rd the floor space of a 53’ truck.

Refrigerated, or temperature-controlled LTL carriers, offer refrigerator or freezer compartments that preserve your food products (like frozen fish or meat during transport. You can choose from a range of temperature options to ensure that your products aren’t too cold or too warm.

LTL refrigerated trucking is also useful for chemical distributors. For example, some liquid chemicals are flammable; they need to be kept under a temperature threshold to prevent any chemical breakdown, which could result in fires, explosions, or instability in the product.

This requirement is addressed in Section 14 of the Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS) for each hazardous chemical. FreightRun offers easy access to reliable refrigerated LTL carriers on both the east and west coast, so you can achieve peace of mind when transporting hazardous chemicals.

LTL Temperature Controlled Transportation (Reefer LTL)

Refrigerated LTL trucks are also known as Reefer LTL trucks in the shipping industry. Compared to LTL dry freights, reefer LTL freights are more expensive, pound for pound. Additionally, refrigerated freight shipping prices tend to spike during harvests, since many reefer trucking companies are competing for space on refrigerated trailers. FreightRun helps minimize your costs for shipping refrigerated freight by providing real-time comparisons of refrigerated carrier prices, so you can choose a freight carrier that best fits your company’s needs.

Both frozen LTL carriers and temperature control LTL carriers use the same type of refrigerated trailers. These trailers are equipped with controls that allow you to choose the temperature of the interior, so you can safely store your products to a specific degree.

For example, cheese and cakes need to be stored between 20-30 degrees to maintain freshness, so you would choose this temperature level for shipping these products. Things become more complicated with refrigerated LTL shipments that include a variety of products, so the challenge is to find the right combination of products, that can be shipped at the same temperature at the same truck or same trailer.

Benefits of Refrigerated Less Than Truckload Shipments

Refrigerated LTL shipments are a great way to keep your products fresh and safe. Here are some of the benefits of using refrigerated transportation:

  • Your products will stay cold and fresh during transport
  • You can be sure about time delivery and all LTL shipments will be delivered in perfect condition
  • You will save money on refrigerated shipping costs
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that your products are in good hands.

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable way to ship your refrigerated freight, then consider using a refrigerated LTL carrier. 

Find the Best Frozen LTL Carriers for Your Refrigerated LTL Freight

FreightRun is a freight brokering service that lets you compare refrigerated LTL distribution services and refrigerated LTL freight carriers, pick the right refrigerated carrier for your company, and track your refrigerated freight delivery from coast to coast.

Whether you’re making short deliveries or need refrigerated shipping services to ship refrigerated freight across state lines, we can help you choose the right carrier and manage your refrigerated freight shipping routes. We'll take care of your refrigerated LTL shipments.

Local Refrigerated Less Than Truckload Freight

Paying for full truckload service or owning your fleet of refrigerated trucks for product distribution can get expensive quickly.

Using FreightRun, you can save on your shipping budget through local refrigerated LTL freight carriers with access to third-party temperature-controlled distribution warehouses, from which you can distribute your products.

This multi-legged process has a lot of moving parts. If you want to keep distribution management in-house, we recommend hiring a logistics manager to handle your LTL freight shipping.

However, for a simpler solution, FreightRun can connect you with one of our experienced team members, who can manage your shipping portfolio and act as your liaison with third-party carriers.

National Refrigerated LTL Freight

There is only one national frozen LTL freight carrier. Thus, you see major temperature control LTL trucking such as the banana industry employing their fleets at times. Also, the one national frozen LTL freight carrier acts as a monopoly – since for many freight buyers, there is no obvious replacement.

The only way around such a monopoly is to use an extremely resourceful freight broker like FreightRun which can use a combination of long-haul frozen LTL freight carriers combined with a network of local refrigerated LTL carriers to handle the local delivery or local pickup for your product or your customer.

In addition to our trusted network of refrigerated trucks (refrigerated trailers), FreightRun’s partner carriers also offer temperature-controlled warehouses throughout the United States. This makes it easy to store shipments between shipping legs while maintaining product freshness.

You can use our advanced freight software system to find the best warehouse near you or warehouses at strategic points on the way to your customers.

For help with your LTL refrigerated or frozen trucking needs, contact us any time to speak with an experienced customer service member. We’ll make shipping your products easy, so you can focus on your customers. Choose our customized freight solutions for your next refrigerated transportation.

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If you need a refrigerated freight quote, you've come to the right place. At FrieghtRun, we understand the unique challenges that come with shipping perishable goods. That's why we work hard to provide our customers with the best possible rates on refrigerated shipping services so you can easily ship your temperature-sensitive freight.

We have a wide network of top-rated carriers that offer refrigerated shipping services, so we can always find the best deal to fit your needs. We also offer a variety of other transportation services (FTL freight and LTL services), so we can help you with all of your shipping needs in one place.