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Refrigerated & Frozen LTL Trucking

What is refrigerated LTL carriers

What is it refrigerated LTL carries

Fresh produce, seafood, frozen produce and seafood, frozen foods, fresh foods that must be kept cold, certain chemicals that must be shipped frozen or cold, certain bulk liquid products that must be kept from freezing so must be kept warm, other industrial goods and machines that must stay above certain temperatures, wine and other temperature controlled consumer goods, foodstuffs of all kinds processed and unprocessed that must not freeze, all these are the typical products that refrigerated LTL carries.

Also certain flammable or explosive products should be moved in a Temperature Controlled Truck, per the transportation section, SECTION 14 of their particular Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS). The typical LTL truck and trailer will mix and match such freight shipments – every producer’s strict temperature requirements must be met – in a way that makes geographical sense so the least mileage is traveled per pound of delivered freight.

Temperature Controlled Transportation Services (Reefer LTL)

Buyers of Reefer LTL have their work cut out for them because Temperature Controlled Shipping is expensive relative on a Per Pound basis, or on a Per Cubic Foot Basis, vs. normal LTL dry freight.

Also, if one is a shipper of unprocessed raw goods, such as fresh produce, the price of shipping can be as high as the price of the goods and, due to the fact that the harvest of such produce happens all at once and spikes the price of trucking precisely at the time one must ship, the prices can be painful if one has not planned for them.

Find The Best Frozen LTL Carriers For Your Freight

However, can use its network of Local refrigerated LTL Freight carriers and National frozen LTL Freight carriers to handle your steady business in fresh, frozen or heated temperature controlled trucks and trailers in the most efficient manner possible.

Some of our Frozen LTL, Frozen FTL, Fresh Temperature Controlled Trailers are dispatched from one central regional or national temperature controlled warehouse, other times we can dispatch a Load-To-Ride local refrigerated LTL freight carrier who will move your freight per your custom requirements to a central temperature controlled warehouse, from there we will dispatch another refrigerated carrier from the fresh/frozen warehouse to the final location of your client, be it a Costco, distribution warehouse of a major grocery chain such as Stop And Shop or Whole Foods, or the end user for your product.

Local Refrigerated LTL Freight Carriers

Local Refrigerated LTL Freight CarriersTemperature controlled shipping can get so expensive that it sometimes pays to have Freight Run find you several local Refrigerated LTL Freight Carriers who have small fleets of temperature controlled FTL reefer trucks available to move the full truckload or “large partial” move from your facility to a centrally located 3rd party Temperature Controlled Distribution Warehouse, from which you can sell and distribute your product using the most appropriate carrier from the portfolio of Freight Run’s frozen LTL carriers.

For intensive transportation service requirements like this, you either need to hire your own Traffic Manager, or Logistics Manager, or partner up with whoever you are most comfortable at Freight Run – the Freight Run Team has several extremely experienced, responsive and responsible Team Members who can effectively become your Logistics Manager.

It will be much more cost efficient if you set your company up to be managed logistically by Freight Run from the Get-Go – there is NO WAY that if you spend 1/3 or half of your time searching for and managing appropriate refrigerated LTL and FTL carriers and the issues that arise in that process such as claims, compliance etc. that you are using your time well – you could be out selling more or doing whatever other critical and core function that will distinguish you from your competition.

National Frozen LTL Freight Carriers

Unfortunately, there is only one national frozen LTL freight carrier and even they are not really in every market in a timely fashion – thus you see major temperature control shippers such as the banana industry employing their own fleets at times. Also, the one national frozen LTL Freight Carrier acts like they are a monopoly – since for many freight buyers there is no obvious replacement.

The only way around such a monopoly is to use an extremely resourceful Freight Broker like who can use a combination of long haul frozen LTL freight carriers combined with a network of local refrigerated LTL Freight Carriers to handle the local delivery or local pickup or out of route pickup or delivery as the case may be for your product or your customer.

Find the best Frozen LTL carriers for your freight, or let FreightRun do it for you, by using a combination of Local refrigerated LTL Freight options sometimes combined even on the same move with National frozen LTL freight carriers and warehouses. When we write “frozen LTL freight” here we more generally mean “temperature controlled LTL freight” options by the way – it is just the trucks have full capability from freezing all the way to heating the products inside and are usually referred to as “refrigerated LTL trucking companies” or “temperature controlled LTL carriers” and/or as the “refrigerated LTL” industry or, more casually, the “reefer trucks” or “reefer trailers.”

Development of Refrigerated LTL Carriers in USA

Development of Refrigerated LTL Carriers in USABefore WW2 many products were shipped only seasonally – since there were no temperature controlled trucks – or refrigerated and frozen trailers – also known as reefers – until after WW2 – the markets for California produce were more limited and you purchased milk from local suppliers for instance.

LTL refrigerated carriers west coast formation predated the formation of LTL refrigerated carriers east coast by 10 or more years.

After WW2 an army vet, Cy Weller, returned in 1943 and went into the Army surplus business as his legal practice had lost its office space. There were no refrigerated trailers mass produced at that time and Cy started buying Army refrigerated units (used to ship food) and mounting them onto trucks in order to service the CA to TX route of fresh produce he had stumbled upon.

While attempting to get a permit to service that lane – back then you had to get an “operating authority” from the government that was lane specific, he met the owner of Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc. which is the modern day FFE or Frozen Food Express, which even now is the the nation’s premier LTL refrigerated carrier. In fact, FFE has competition in refrigerated LTL but none of those refrigerated LTL carriers or frozen LTL carriers operate as NATIONWIDE LTL refrigerated carriers or as National frozen LTL Freight carriers, they are all operating more regionally usually as LTL refrigerated carriers east coast, or frozen LTL carriers east coast, or LTL refrigerated carriers west coast, or refrigerated LTL carriers Midwest, or refrigerated LTL carriers California.

Expense Of Refrigerated LTL Carriers Vs. Dry Freight With Common Carriers

Common Carriers moving LTL dry freight – “normal carriers” such as XPO and Estes and Yellow Freight “YRC” and Old Dominion, all available using our platform, that you see on American highways everyday do have a special service available for extra dollars called “PROTECT FROM FREEZING” – for dry freight or bulk freight in barrels or in special liquid bulk containers called totes or “intermediate bulk containers.”

Many manufacturers of special urethanes and adhesives will pay the small premium required during the coldest winter months to ship their products “protect from freezing” as their product’s quality suffers if it freezes and then thaws – it can effect critical properties such as a product’s viscosity etc.

One manufacturer we know,, an online nationwide supplier of high quality and tested architectural and safety railings, sometimes has to ship along with their non-temperature sensitive stainless steel railings certain adhesives which are temperature sensitive – they cannot freeze – so they will pay to “protect from freezing” the entire shipment. Sometimes however, it will be cheaper to airfreight or send by courier the small part of the shipment that is temperature sensitive, and then ship the non-temperature sensitive bulk of the shipment by a regular common carrier LTL shipping network. Work with FreightRun to help you figure out what is best for your company.

It is usually, but not always, more cost effective to move your “Protect From Freezing” freight with a reliable common carrier via a Freight Babysitter like FreightRun.Com than to hire a full on Refrigerated Carrier.

Your company and every company has its own specific requirements, and also you need to consider carefully the costs vs. benefits of All AVAILABLE TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS, so partner with knowledgeable 3PL such as FreightRun where an experienced Logistics Manager is available to you essentially for free, in order to develop that option list tailored to your needs.

Call us or email us with your concerns – Freight Run wants your business.