Expedited Freight Services and Time Critical Logistics

FreightRun is happy to help you with your urgent deliveries. Our convenient rate form is a quick and easy way to get expedited transport quotes.

You'll be able to receive a quote in seconds and our Freight Specialists are ready to assist you with any questions you might have during the process. We'll also track your freight until delivery.

Expedited Freight Services and Time Critical Logistics

Simple Expedited Shipping Solutions

We want to offer our customers a wide array of shipping options to ensure their packages arrive when they need them to. Our expedited shipping service allows you to speed up the shipping process and get your packages delivered when you’re under tight deadlines.

The service works by utilizing two drivers in one truck. The truck drives directly to its destination, with the two drives taking turns to minimize the length of breaks.

Here are some reasons why you might want to select expedited delivery:

  • Manufacturing deadline requires inventory to be replenished.
  • Critical machinery malfunctions and parts are needed as soon as possible.
  • A medical facility urgently needs equipment.

With our combination of advanced technology and shipping experience, we can help you find the expedited shipping you need. By surveying a wide array of expedited carriers, we're also able to help you identify the lowest price for your shipment.

Why Use FreightRun to Select an Expedited Delivery Carrier

By utilizing our system, shippers can quickly see all available companies to help them find the best rate possible.

  • Quickly find the fastest way to ship your package.
  • We negotiate the best deal with carriers on your behalf.
  • We track your shipment so you can manage your business with confidence.
  • Our instant Freight Calculator is designed for tight deadlines.
  • Transparent star rating for every carrier listed on our site.
  • Suitable for all load sizes and types.

Upon completion of your Freight Calculator quote form, you’ll get an instant response. (If you’re unclear whether your shipment is LTL or FTL, click here to find out more.)

Getting a quote on Freight Run only takes a moment:

  1. Fill out our free quote form.
  2. We display expedited carriers with negotiated rates and estimated transit time.
  3. You select which transit mode you would like to see, Standard or Guaranteed - our Guaranteed mode covers expedited services.

Once the form is filled out, simply select the carrier of your choice, book your services, and pay. Feel free to contact us during this process if you have any questions.

Large Network of Expedited Carriers

We work with a select group of 50+ carries, many are experienced and skilled in expedited freight and critical logistics. Every time one of our customers uses our service, they are encouraged to write a review. This allows you to quickly see if a shipping company delivered on its promises and helps you make the best choice for your shipment.

Your Expedited Shipping Will Arrive on Time

Average expedited delivery time is 2-3 days, which is a day or two less than standard shipping. However, our network of expedited shipping companies also offers next-day shipments, based on truck availability.

Tracking for Expedited Shipments

With our expedited freight tracking service, we’ll track your shipment from the moment the shipment is picked up until the moment we receive confirmation that it has arrived. We'll also send you status updates along the way by email, text or phone. When you're short on time, you can’t be expected to chase suppliers for information, and with FreightRun you don’t have to.

When you need something delivered right away and can’t wait another minute, you can count on us to find you a delivery service with the ability to deliver your packages on schedule and in good condition. No matter what you have to send or when it needs to be delivered, FreightRun can make it happen.

Our advanced Freight Calculator makes getting expedited logistics quotes easy. We take the legwork out of securing your expedited transportation services and help reduce shipping costs for you.