Drayage Freight Service

Drayage Freight Service

What is Drayage Freight Service


Drayage services are provided by “power-only” carriers – ie the drayage carrier supplies the tractor but not the trailer - so the carrier moves the rail or sea containers provided/owned by others (rail line, container line, others) the short distances usually for intermodal moves, ie:

  1. Import containers: From the ocean port container yard and nearest railhead for further transport via rail to the interior destination, then from the Interior Railhead Destination to the Customer Dock
  2. Destination 53’ van: from Shipper to Railhead, then after Railroad moves the long haul from Railhead near destination to the Receiver’s dock
  3. Export Containers: from the Exporter’s dock to the nearest Ocean Port or Export Container from the Exporter’s dock to the railroad – the railroad moves to a railhead near the Port then the Drayage company also moves the container from Railhead to the Port of Export.

Drayage is more complicated in many ways than simple point-to-point domestic US shipping. You cannot send in ANY carrier to a Port or Railyard in the USA, they must be from a list of pre-approved carriers for that terminal and port, and have full TSA security clearance. They also often need to have special local licensing and bonding. California ports and other ports soon are imposing additional requirements on drayage trucks and carriers in order to reduce pollution ie to increase air quality. These dramatically impact the cost of drayage and the availability of drayage carriers.

Drayage carriers also impose all sorts of fees not normally seen or normally included in domestic trucking: port congestion charges, chassis fees by the day, spits, pre-pull charges, detention after just one hour, yard storage, extra fee depending on Vessel carrier or Pick-Up point, Port charge, Rail Congestion, Tolls, plus normal ones like Fuel Surcharge. Some of these are not predictable so an all-inclusive quote is not possible in advance – the Carriers and their brokers simply cannot know how long a Driver will wait to get a container on any given day, most waiting times are completely determined by the efficiency or lack there-off of the Port and Rail operators or terminals.

Drayage service is a specialized type of trucking service that involves the short-distance transport of goods, typically over distances of less than 250 miles. Drayage services are often used to move goods from one mode of transportation to another, such as from a ship to a train or from a truck to a warehouse. Drayage services can also be used to move goods between two points within the same mode of transportation, such as between two trucks or between two trains.

Drayage service is typically provided by trucking companies that specialize in short-haul transport. These companies usually have a fleet of smaller trucks that are specifically designed for making short trips. This allows them to make more efficient use of their resources and provides their customers with a more reliable and cost-effective expedited drayage service.

Drayage service is an important part of the logistics and supply chain management industries. It helps to ensure that goods are moved efficiently and safely from one location to another. This type of service can also help to reduce the overall cost of shipping goods by eliminating the need for multiple modes of transportation. Drayage services can be used for a variety of different types of products, including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, machinery, and other consumer goods.

Transporting Using Drayage

There are many factors to consider when transporting using drayage. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Make sure you have a clear understanding of your route and the resources available to you. This includes knowing the size and weight of your shipment, as well as the distance it will need to travel.
  • Choose a freight carrier that is experienced in drayage services and has a good reputation. Ask for references and check online reviews before making your decision.
  • Get quotes from multiple freight carriers so that you can compare rates and drayage services. Be sure to ask about any additional fees that may apply, such as fuel surcharges or accessorial charges.
  • Make sure you have all the required documents in order before shipping. This includes a BOL - bill of lading, proof of insurance, and any other required permits or licenses.
  • Plan your shipment so that it arrives during the carrier's designated window for drayage services. This will help avoid delays and additional charges.
  • Keep track of your shipment throughout the transport process so that you can resolve any issues that may arise. Be sure to have the contact information for your carrier and shipper on hand in case you need to reach them.

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and successful drayage experience.

Drayage Classifications

There are two main types of drayage: long haul and short haul. Long-haul drayage is used to transport goods over long distances, while short-haul drayage is used for shorter trips.

Long haul drayage is typically used for intermodal transportation, which means that the goods are transported between different modes of transportation, such as from a ship to a train. Short haul drayage is typically used for intra-modal transportation, which means that the goods are transported within the same mode of transportation, such as from one truck to another truck.

Another three drayage classifications are: full service, limited service, and port-to-port:

  1. Full-service drayage companies offer a comprehensive range of services, including pick-up and delivery, warehousing, and logistics management.
  2. Limited service drayage companies usually focus on one or two specific services, such as pick-up and delivery or warehousing.
  3. Port-to-port drayage companies specialize in transporting cargo between ports.

Each type of drayage company has its own strengths and weaknesses. Full-service drayage companies are the most expensive but offer the most comprehensive range of services. Limited-service drayage companies are less expensive but may not offer all of the services that full-service companies do. Port-to-port drayage companies are the least expensive but only offer transportation between ports.

Drayage companies can also be classified by the size of their fleet. Small fleets usually have fewer than 10 trucks, while large fleets have more than 100 trucks. There are also medium-sized fleets, which have between 10 and 100 trucks.

The size of the fleet is not necessarily an indicator of the quality of service a drayage company can provide. Some small fleets are very well managed and offer excellent service, while some large fleets are managed and offer poor drayage service. It is important to research a drayage company before selecting one to ensure that you will receive the level of drayage service you need.

Types of Drayage Containers

There are three main types of drayage containers: standard, specialized, and over-dimensional. Standard containers are the most common type of container used in drayage operations. They come in various sizes and can be used for a variety of loads. Specialized containers are designed for specific types of loads, such as hazardous materials or perishable goods. Over-dimensional containers are used for oversized loads that cannot fit into standard or specialized containers.

Standard containers are the most common type of container used in drayage operations. They come in various sizes and can be used for a variety of loads. Standard containers include:

  • 20-foot (6 meters) containers
  • 40-foot (12 meters) containers
  • 45-foot (14 meters) containers.

Specialized containers are designed for specific types of loads, such as hazardous materials or perishable goods. Specialized containers include:

Over-dimensional containers are used for oversized loads that cannot fit into standard or specialized containers. Over-dimensional containers include:

Drayage Freight Services Benefits

There are many benefits to using drayage freight services (drayage solutions) for your shipping needs.

Drayage companies specialize in short-haul trucking, which means they are experts in moving cargo quickly and efficiently over short distances. This can save you time and money on your shipping costs.

Drayage companies also have access to a variety of equipment and resources that can make your shipping process easier. For example, they may have special trucks or trailers that can handle oversized or overweight shipments. They can also provide tracking and tracing services so you can always know where your shipment is and when it will arrive.

Drayage freight shipping can be a great option for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need to ship a small package or a large shipment, a drayage company can help you get your goods to their destination on time and on budget.

Drayage & Intermodal Shipping

Drayage is the term used for the short-haul movement of cargo, usually over land. Intermodal drayage refers to the use of multiple modes of transportation — such as trucks, trains, and ships — to move goods from one point to another.

Drayage is a vital part of the intermodal transportation process, as it allows for the efficient movement of goods from one mode of transportation to another. Drayage companies specialize in providing intermodal drayage service, and they are typically responsible for arranging all aspects of the drayage process, including pickup and delivery, tracking, and documentation.

Drayage is an important consideration when shipping internationally, as it can help to speed up the overall shipping process and reduce costs.

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