Export Solutions by FreightRun

Freight Export Solutions for US Manufacturers and Distributors

Not sure how to manage the liability of selling and shipping your product overseas?

Forwarders can help but they will require a lot of work from you. You will still have to deal with product liability overseas, and you will need to make sure the insurance provided by the forwarder sufficiently protects all the risks your product will face. You will still need to “internationalize” your documentation and may need to hire and train clerks to handle the extra paperwork that export transactions generate.

FreightRun.com uniquely solves all these problems for you in a simplified, comprehensive fashion by acting as your export department. We can create the invoices, packing lists, and other documents that will be accepted by customs authorities overseas, provide door-to-door services and prices to you and your clients, and provide comprehensive insurance. In addition, since we are the exporting entity, you enjoy a complete liability break from overseas nuisance lawsuits that can occur just as they do in the USA, as well as unforeseen, unrelated risks and liabilities stemming from the transportation of the goods.

Focus on your overseas sales efforts, and leave the rest to us.