Partial Truckload Services - Find PTL Carriers

You can use a PTL truck to move freight across the state, up the coast, or across the country. PLT services offer an excellent option when your consignment is less than a full truckload. So, you save money when shipping smaller amounts of cargo using a PTL carrier compared to buying an entire truck or paying for air freight.

PTL Meaning – What is a Partial Truckload in Shipping

PTL Definition: Partial truckload or PTL means moving medium-sized freight that doesn't necessarily need the total capacity of a truckload trailer. Partial load meaning partial shipment, weighs more than 5,000 pounds or six or more pallets and falls between LTL and full truckload.

Benefits of Partial Truckload Shipping

In partial truckload vs LTL, typically, partial freight undergoes less handling, has quicker transit times than LTL freight, and doesn't need a freight class to secure a rate. Also, in volume LTL vs partial truckload, volume LTL shipments require a freight class, while partial truckload shipment doesn't.

Benefits of Partial Truckload Shipping

Partial truckload services offer many advantages, including:


Don't require a freight class, which can help you save on extra charges that attend freight re-classification if you get it wrong. Also, partial truck logistics can save money with quicker transit times and fast delivery.

PTL Freight Involves Less Handling

Typically, PTL shipments aren't loaded and unloaded from one trailer to another. So, the half-truck load method can be ideal for products susceptible to damage during load transfers. It can help you avoid issues with LTL shipments, like cargo loss and damage.

Consistency and Speed

PTL is the best freight shipping option for businesses that want their products consistent across their supply chain. Since you will have more visibility, you can plan better for cash flow and other business expenses.

Also, when you ship PTL, you can expect a more expedited delivery timeframe than LTL shipments can offer.

Greater In-Transit Visibility of Partial Truckload Shipping

PTL trucking allows you to monitor your consignment anytime. It allows shippers to relay the information to their customers or receivers, ensuring they're ready for shipment when it arrives. It's a convenience you won't enjoy with LTL freight.

Convenience and Improved Flow

Partial load shipping is excellent for companies with multiple branch locations since just-in-time scheduling allows for arranging collection and delivery points.

Partial load shipping has better inbound and outbound delivery schedules and aids in boosting the effectiveness of your supply chain management.

Flexibility and Better Space Utilization

The arrangement makes it simpler for a business to adjust the amount of cargo, moving up or down a level as necessary. It's better than truckload and volume LTL because it helps you to safeguard your investment in the event of an unexpected rise or fall in demand. You have the option to select the volume that suits you the best.

When to Use PTL Shipping

When to Use PTL ShippingPTL freight works well when your shipment is less than a single truckload. PTL doesn't require shipments to stop at a distribution facility for consolidation.

So, they often arrive at their destination faster without incurring additional costs.

Ideal Partial Transport Applications

Partial load freight shipments might be a practical solution to your shipping problems in various circumstances. The following are some of the best partial truckload uses:

  • Low-density freight: Half truckload might be a better option than LTL freight shipping if your cargo is light but voluminous; packages up to 30,000 pounds or 30 feet long. Partial freight is more exclusive than LTL services, making it an excellent choice when the circumstances are right.
  • Fragile cargo: A partial shipment is a suitable solution if you're worried about freight damage. Less handling reduces the possibility of transit-related goods damage.

What Types of Shippers use PTL (Partial Shipments)?

Partial truckload services provide the perfect answer for shippers with freight shipping demands exceeding LTL carriers but under a full truckload. It's also appropriate for small-volume shippers.

Further, PTL carriers benefit big shippers who want to convey only some of their goods at once.

Find the Best Partial Truckload carrier via FreightRun

PTL transportation allows you to save money on larger freight shipments. FreightRun's partial truckload calculator gives you a quick partial truckload quote by searching through the top national, regional, and local Partial truckload carriers to find the most competitive PTL rates and volume LTL quotes.