Specialized Freight Services

Sometimes you need to transport hazardous materials or fragile items that require additional care. In these situations, you’ll want to rely on a specialized shipping service with the right equipment and tools to handle the job effectively. Here we’ll answer some of the most asked questions about the specialized freight trucking market. We’ll also explain some next steps for anyone interested in working with a freight brokerage service.

What is Specialized Freight Trucking

Some shipments require special equipment or unique types of shipping services because of the cargo’s shape, size, or weight. These items cannot be shipped with regular shipping services, and you’ll want to work with an experienced specialized shipping company for the best possible results.

Here we’ll answer questions about specialized freight trucks meanings and discuss what services you should expect from specialty shipping companies.

Which Industries Require Specialized Freight Services

Some industries regularly require the use of specialized freight services for their items and materials. Common examples include:

  • Fragile electronics. Items such as musical instruments, medical devices, and office equipment may need to be shipped using special freight services so that they don’t experience any bumps or jolts along the way.
  • Residential and commercial refrigeration equipment often needs more padding and protection than other items, making it a prime candidate for special freight services.
  • Motorcycles are made to look tough and rugged but shipping them normally requires the use of specialized freight trucking services.
  • Furniture is often transported by specialized freight trucking companies, especially if the fixtures include any glass in their composition.

Types of Specialized Freight Services Available to You

Not all specialty trucking solutions are identical. Specialized freight services vary depending on the type of goods being transported and the type of equipment used by the brokerage service.

Here are a few types of shipping services available for you to choose from:

  • White glove service. White glove specialized trucking services normally include all the services you need to transport your items from the pick-up location to their final destination. Your goods will be packaged, loaded, transported, and unloaded. All necessary shipping materials will be included.
  • Expedited freight. Need to get your delivery to a customer in as few business days as possible? Expedited freight may be the right choice for you. Your shipment will move to the top of the list, and you’ll be less likely to experience shipping delays or other unforeseen circumstances that could keep your client waiting.
  • Oversize freight. If you’re transporting large goods such as boats, automobiles, or heavy machinery, you may have to consider oversize or overlength freight shipping. These shipments sometimes require extra materials (such as cranes) that aren’t normally used for regular loads.
  • Blanket wrap freight. Blanket wrap freight is popular for items that are especially fragile. Your load is wrapped with thick blankets or pads that protect against accidental damage or breaks during transit. Many specialized freight brokers also use air-ride suspension trailers to provide additional shock absorption and keep items safe during the ride.

How to Transport Specialized Freight

Specialized FreightAs you prepare to transport specialized freight, you should think about the specific needs of the goods that you’re shipping.

Are they sensitive to high or low temperatures? Are they especially heavy or large? Do they need to remain in a certain position throughout shipping and delivery?

These answers will help you narrow down your options and choose a solution that ensures your items will remain safe and intact throughout their freight trucking transportation.

Once you have a clear picture of the type of service you need, you’ll coordinate with a provider who is experienced in offering this mode of transport.

You’ll finalize details such as pick-up time, delivery time, and estimated cost.

If you have specific questions about required documentation or handling instructions, you should ask them before finalizing your contract.

As your delivery makes its way toward its final destination, many specialized freight trucking companies will allow you to track delivery progress online using their transportation management system.

In many cases, you can see in real-time where your items are and if the estimated delivery time has changed.

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