LTL Common Freight Carriers List

Freight Carriers and the Best LTL Companies in 2024

Talk about LTL shipping and one thing sure comes to mind: a mid-sized shipment. A few crates, pallets, small corrugated containers, and the list goes on. If you own a retail business or are just an individual whose purchases go a little overboard (over 100lbs), these are definitely the kind of goods you want to be delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis and reliable Freight Carriers are just what you need to get the job done!

That said, deciding the ideal company to go for can be a daunting task but save you the trouble, we are here for you. We have provided you with a list of the most reliable Freight Companies and LTL Freight Carriers. On top of this, we also offer any assistance you might need to get your freight to the required destination and most importantly, make sure you take a deal that saves you money by ensuring that you only pay for the space used up by your goods and only for the accessorials you need.

LTL Shipping Companies

Less than truckload freight carriers aka LTL carriers are freight transportation companies that transport goods from more than one customer on the same truck. The individual shipments are usually too large for typical parcel deliveries but small for Full Truck Load Shipping. To make you understand this shipping method better, we have prepared this comprehensive insight so read on!

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Freight shipping companies and LTL carriers can be categorized into two categories:

Local Trucking Companies & Local LTL Carriers

Some local freight companies do not operate at the national level. They choose to offer specialized services to their immediate local areas.

Logos Local LTL Carriers

Some Local Freight Carriers and Local LTL Trucking Companies are listed below:

  • Wilson Trucking

  • Lakeville

  • Brown Transfer

  • Benjamin Best Freight.

National Trucking Companies & National LTL Freight Carriers

These are national trucking companies that extend their services across regional areas.

Logos National LTL carriers

Some National Freight Carriers and National LTL Carriers are listed below:

  • Averitt

  • AAA Cooper

  • Daylight Freight

  • Holland Motor Express

  • Pitt-Ohio Express, Inc.

When you get a freight quote with us, you will get quotes from both categories.

Top Freight Companies

By offering exceptional services, a few freight companies are ranked higher than others.

Top Freight Carriers Based on Customer Reviews

Freight companies at the top of the list based on customer rating include:

  • AMA Transportation

  • Averitt

  • B&H Freight

  • Best Yet Express

  • Dayton Freight Lines

  • Old Dominion Freight Line

  • Pitt-Ohio Express, Inc.

  • ROSS Express

  • USF Holland

  • USF Reddaway

  • XPO Logistics

Advantages of Using LTL Over FTL

When it comes to LTL, you only pay for the space occupied by your goods as opposed to Full Truck Load. This makes it more cost-efficient for companies.

Tips to Choose Your Freight Carrier

When choosing a freight carrier or an LTL freight company, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These are:

Liability Insurance

Professional Freight Companies provide liability insurance based on freight weight or declared value. However, in most cases, the value covered by the liability insurance is not enough to cover the value of your shipment. You must know the liability insurance of the carrier you want to use and make an educated decision to buy supplementary insurance or not, to be on the safe side.

Timely Delivery to Desired Locations

Advanced LTL Logistics has made it possible for LTL Shipping Companies to adhere to customer-specified locations and time deadlines. However, it is common that carriers to miss a pickup day or meet the delivery date. Check the reviews left by our customers to get an idea of each carrier's performance. Also note, some companies may also charge more to offer faster delivery.

The Company’s Performance

As many as they are, you would expect some of the transportation carriers to lag behind. A financially stable freight carrier will be able to offer more reliable services to their customers because they can comfortably bounce back from a constraint and avoid delays that would have resulted from it. Most of all, you do not want a company to close down when you have already contracted them; it has happened before.

How Freight Companies and LTL Carriers are Priced

Factors that determine LTL shipping rates include the distance, weight of the package, freight classification, speed of delivery, accessorial fees, and any discounts that may be offered.

How to Save Money on Shipping Quote

The Freight Shipping industry is growing very fast. This is actually a good thing because hundreds of companies out there are bustling to get into business with you.

Even so, you still want to get the best deal possible and the easiest way to do this is by engaging with a freight broker, an industry expert who knows exactly how to source out the best LTL freight carrier for your freight.

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We have carefully selected freight carriers or LTL freight companies that offer the services our individual and business customers demand for retail, supplies, equipment, and parts. Our freight shipping partners provide regional next- and 2nd-day shipping services and nationwide long-haul services that offer comprehensive coverage throughout the United States, including cross-border freight shipping into and from Canada and Mexico.

A.Duie Pyle
ACI Motor Freight
AMA Transportation
Archilla Transportation
B&H Freight
Baileys Express Inc
Beaver Express
Benjamin Best Freight
Best Yet Express
Brown Transfer
Cal State Xpress
Cape Cod Express
Central Arizona
Central Transport
Clear Lane Freight
CRH Transportation
Crystal Motors
DATS Trucking Inc
Daylight Freight
Dayton Freight Lines
Dependable Highway Express
Dickerson Transportation Solutions
Dohrn Transfer Company
Double D Express
Dugan Truck Line
Expedited Freight Systems
Extra Express
Fort Transportation
JTS Express
Kindersley Transport
Land Air Express
Midwest Motor Express
Midwest Xpress
MJB Freight Systems
N & M Transfer
Nebraska Transport
New England Motor Freight
New Penn Motor Express Inc
Oak Harbor Freight Lines
Pace Motor Lines
Performance Freight
RAC Transport
Roling Logestics
Roseville Motor Express
ROSS Express
RPM Transportation
Service By Air
Standard Forwarding
Sunset Pacific Transportation
Total Transportation
Ultimate Freightways
US Special Delivery
USF Reddaway
Vocar Transportation Services
Volunteer Express
Ward Trucking
West Bend Transit & Service Co.
Wilson Trucking
XPO Logistics
Xpress Global