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Fill the Freight Calculator form below, our system will instantly look for best LTL freight quotes among top national, regional and local LTL freight companies. Pick which carrier you want to use, and book/generate the BOL through FreightRun. Manage all your LTL freight from one place, and take advantage of our team of freight brokers who are available to assist you with a freight quote or any question you have. FreightRun will track your shipment until it is successfully delivered. Do you have an FTL Shipment? Now it is easier and faster to get a quote and secure a truck! Simply fill the new FTL form quote below.


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Do you have an international shipment? We believe we can cut your risks and costs, while freeing your time to focus on your core business, where you deliver the most value.

Simplification, centralization and rationalization lead to better economics and results for our customers. We would like the opportunity to provide you with global door-to-door all-in pricing and service your business demands. FreightRun is interested in enabling this solution for select Export Sales Managers, International Customer Service Managers, or whatever your title is at a USA exporter (read more).

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FreightRun rated A with Better Business Bureau
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Simplifying Freight Management For You

With our advanced Freight Calculator technology and integration with various carriers and providers, we created FreightRun, a freight management tool to make your shopping for Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight and Full Truckload (FTL) shipping simple and fun! Make FreightRun.com your one-stop solution to get a freight quote, book and track your freight. With the help of our freight specialists team, managing your freight shipping will be simpler, faster, and without having to make multiple phone calls. The best thing FreightRun.com provides you with is instant freight quote for LTL freight shipments for FREE! More about our services

We use FreightRun daily to find the best rates for our LTL shipping needs. We end up saving substantial amount of money using FreightRun.

Kevin Camp, Camp Precast Concrete Inc

Never have I had every shipment get scheduled with a 3PL. I got all my 4 LTL shipments today with FreightRun. Your rates as a 3PL have been very good! At this point FreightRun is the only 3PL that I check rates with anymore.

Matt Werhane, Shipping Manager at industwire.com