White Glove Delivery Meaning in Freight Shipping

Posted On 14th May 2024

If you’re wondering what white glove delivery is - this is a shipping service that extends beyond the ordinary pick-up and drop-off delivery standards that we commonly use to ship daily items.

So, whether you deal with fragile items, expensive furniture, or high-valued goods, you will surely benefit from a premium service.

This is where white glove delivery comes into play, allowing you to deliver items of importance with a great level of care, guarantee, and customer satisfaction.

White Glove Delivery Meaning in Freight Shipping

What Is White Glove Service?

What is white glove service? One word - excellence!

As mentioned, white glove delivery handles a variety of high-valued goods and items that won’t fit in the regular cardboard box, hence they need protection. Many of the items worthy of white glove delivery require special attention to packaging, bubble wrap, additional layers, or anything else that the local LTL carrier doesn’t provide.

With a white glove delivery company, you can count on attention to detail and impeccable packaging that guarantees that the product will get to its destination in one piece. With white glove shipment, you don’t need to worry about special requirements and additional freight services, as the service is fully customizable according to the client’s requirements.

Synonym for White Glove Service?

There are a lot of synonyms to describe the white glove delivery service, where words such as VIP, premium, and personalization align naturally. Another synonym for white glove service can also be concentrative, reliable, never-failing, guaranteed, meticulous, and mincing.

When Do You Need White Glove Delivery Service?

White glove delivery is mainly preferred by business owners, as well as a number of individuals who deal with high-valued items, equipment, and goods. We’ll go over some of the most popular white glove delivery service examples:

  • People with disabilities who are unable to pack, bring, or set up items of great importance by themselves and require assistance.
  • Owners of delicate, fragile, and expensive items that require a level of attention in regard to transportation beyond what regular shipping services provide.
  • Businesses that require special and customized delivery, often during non-working days or hours, which typically translates to overnight shipping and pickup.
  • Laboratories and facilities with special and hazardous items that require a great level of care, transportation conditions, and swiftness.
  • Stores and retailers that sell high-valued and very expensive furniture, artwork, vehicles, and luxury jewelry that require safe and secure transportation.

Now you have a basic knowledge of what does white glove delivery mean, so let’s check what the service includes.

What Does White Glove Delivery Include?

If you’re wondering what white glove carriers can do for you, we can only scratch the surface of what’s possible as personalization is the greatest benefit.

Trying to be as concise as possible, let’s go over some of the benefits and try to produce the best definition of white glove service!

Swift Delivery at Any Time:

By using white glove shipping you can count on real-time communication, at any hour, even during the night. You should also expect availability for scheduling during the weekends, days, or week ahead as well as perfect and timely execution.

Damage-Free Transportation:

Perhaps the most important service from any white glove delivery company is damage-free transportation and over-the-top protection. You can count on the transportation of valuable items without worrying about what’s possible to happen in the supply chain.

Product Installation and Set Up:

If you want to provide the best possible customer experience, white glove transportation might be the perfect opportunity for you. They not only include perfect delivery times but also factors including installation, help with the assembly, and show a good attitude toward customer satisfaction.

Personalization & Great Care:

As a client, white glove delivery can provide you with endless personalization, to provide exactly what your customers expect. You can count on a great level of care, attention to detail, and excellent customer service to answer all your inquiries.

This is pretty much what does white gloving mean, and when compared to other shipping services, then you’ll find the difference.

Standard vs Threshold vs White Glove Delivery?

Now that you know what is a white glove service, you may want to learn the difference between standard, threshold, and white glove delivery. So we’ve prepared a short comparison to pinpoint the major shipping service differences:

Standard LTL Delivery

The standard LTL delivery is just another way to refer to the basic courier that we typically use on a daily basis to ship items. You can’t expect great levels of care with the standard delivery, since this is the cheapest and slowest way of shipping, preferred by most eCommerce stores, especially when compared to white glove freight delivery.

Yes, they might use bubble wrap on fragile items, but that’s it. If you have special requirements, you’ll need white glove carriers.

Threshold Delivery

The threshold delivery is the type of “final mile”, hence the goods are being delivered to the final customer, but only to the front door. In other words, the final point of the threshold delivery is the front door, where no other assistance is provided.

Thus, you can’t expect and rely on a great level of support and a positive customer experiences!

White Glove Delivery

Well, you’re probably starting to realize where white glove delivery service comes into the picture when compared with other types of shipping. With white glove delivery, you will be able to pinpoint the exact spot, location, or place where you want your shipping delivered.

You can request installation, assistance to elderly people with taking the sofa upstairs, or pretty much anything else that your delivery might need.

How White Glove Logistics Services Affect Shipping Costs?

Now that you’ve learned the white glove delivery meaning, it’s time to learn more about the cost of white glove shipping and what it depends on. As you would probably assume those factors involve fragility level, packaging requirements, destination, whether installation is included, and much more.

The average price that you should expect for a white glove delivery ranges from $100 to - $300, which is a wide spectrum, but of course, adjustable. There might be additional fees, charges, or payment required based on the difficulty.

White Glove Service Examples:

If you’re still wondering where white glove delivery service might fit in the best, we’ve prepared a few examples. They will help you understand what the service includes and how it aligns with the customers.

  • Fine Furniture - High-end furniture pieces including antique sofas, luxury tables, and delicate chandeliers, that require special shipping service.
  • Electronics - Large-sized flat-screen TVs, professional electric equipment, fragile home theaters, and computer systems.
  • Artwork- Expensive paintings, sculptures, hand-crafted and fragile decorations, as well as high-valued collectibles that require exceptional delivery service.
  • Musical Instruments - Oversized pianos, fragile violins, guitars, cellos, and equipment with a lot of size, weight, and fragility.
  • Medical Equipment Transportation - High-tech and expensive devices such as MRI machines, surgical robots, ultrasound machines, and anything else that requires white glove shipment.
  • Custom Items - Anything that is oversized and cannot be shipped with a standard delivery such as custom furniture, fridges, motorcycles, and more.

That is pretty much everything, and now you should know the white glove service meaning, application, and cost.

Wrapping Up:

White glove delivery what is it exactly?

To wrap up, we can conclude that white glove carriers can provide you with exceptional shipping service, minding factors including guarantee, attention to detail, customer experiences, help with anything necessary, and customer satisfaction.

We hope this guide was helpful so follow us for more!