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Heavy-Duty Lowboy Trailers

When it comes to moving heavy equipment from one place to another, incredibly tall and oversized items, a lowboy trailer is often the best option.

A great alternative to a standard flatbed, a lowboy can help you move tall and heavy freight around more conveniently and safely thanks to its low-riding stature, and you can even cut down on shipping costs with a lowboy truck too.

Lowboy Trailer Transport in All States

Here at FreightRun, we offer lowboy trailer transport services in all 50 states. We have a wide variety of lowboys (standard flatbed trailer or extendable lowboy trailer), to choose from, so we can accommodate any size load. So no matter if you want to ship construction equipment, heavy machinery, heavy haul, or any other lowboy freight, we can help. And because we're a nationwide freight shipping company, we can get your load to its destination quickly and efficiently. We are experts in lowboy shipping.

If you need lowboy trailer transport services, don't hesitate to call us. We'll be happy to give you a free quote and answer any questions you may have.

When Do You Need Lowboy Trailers?

So what exactly is a lowbed trailer, and when do you need to use them? Well, lowbeds have been around in various forms for about a century now, first being used back in the 1920s.

The earliest models were relatively primitive, but today's lowbeds come in all kinds of forms and sizes, like 16 lowboy trailers, 20 lowboy trailers, 35-ton trailers, detachable lowboy trailers, lowboy tractor-trailers, and so on.

Real workhorses of the lowboy trailer shipping world, these types of trailers are designed to move substantial items, like pieces of oversized machinery that aren't able to drive on the roads, such as bulldozers or dump trucks.

They have a double drop system on the trailer, making it easier for them to transport tall goods, and they can have very high weight limits in the tens of thousands of pounds or tens of tons.

What Is Usually Transported By Lowbed Trailers?

What Is Usually Transported By Lowbed Trailers

A low-bed trailer will most commonly be used for transporting very tall, large, and bulky items.

This may include big pieces of machinery like cranes and dozers, huge vehicles such as harvesters and tractors, oilfield equipment, and much more.

In general, if you've got something huge and plump, a lowboy flatbed, lowboy car trailer, or lowbed truck is often the right option.

This is all thanks to the low stature, enormous deck length, massive trailer bed, and sheer strength of these types of drop trailers. The average low bed, like other double drop trailers, will be highly versatile and adaptable, able to take on a wide range of different loads, making them one of the best truck semi-trailers in the trucking world.

Custom Lowboy Trailers

You might need a low bed trailer or lowboy flatbed trailer but have a particular set of requirements or demands.

Maybe you have a substantial piece of equipment to airlift onto the bed semi-trailer, or perhaps you need a fixed-neck lowboy for a certain kind of freight.

Maybe you even have an ideal lowboy trailer length in mind that needs to be met. A custom flatbed semi-trailer is an answer.

Maybe you even have a particular reason to demand that your chosen low trailer has specific stake pockets or LED lights for traveling safely in dark conditions.

In any case, no matter what kind of bed trailer you want, we can help you find it, and there are many different options out there to suit every possible situation and set of circumstances.

Lowboy Truckload Rates and Quotes

When you're ready to make a booking for lowboy equipment trailers or you want to find the best lowboy trailer transport services, FreightRun is here to help. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a 35-ton lowboy trailer, a 50-ton lowboy trailer, a 16-foot lowboy trailer, a 40 ft. lowboy trailer, or some other kind of lo boy trailer; we can help you get the best rates from trusted, proven freight carriers.

In under a minute, you can get a lowboy quote from FreightRun for all of your heavy equipment lowboy trailer needs, as well as being able to ask questions and get help from our expert team members either over the phone, by email, or through live chat, depending on your preferences.

In terms of prices, the costs of a heavy-duty lowboy trailer, mechanical detach lowboy trailer, or fixed neck lowboy trailer will really depend on a wide range of factors.

Factors can include the freight weight, for example, as well as the ride height of the heavy-duty items you want to transport. Distance and type of trailer can affect the price too.

For example, hiring a 16 ft. lowboy trailer or 35-ton lowboy to travel quite a short distance with relatively small and simple freight will usually be cheaper than looking for a 50-ton lowboy, 55-ton lowboy, or 60-ton lowboy to travel a much longer distance.

As freight specialists dedicated to customer satisfaction, we'll work with you to help you find a quote that works for you at a price that's fair for everyone, whether you're moving a 50-ton piece of machinery, 80 tons of weight, or looking for a 60-ton lowboy with 86 swing clearance to carry something particularly tall.

So it doesn't matter whether you're looking for a 20 tons low bed, a custom lowboy trailer, a double drop lowboy trailer, a 50-ton trailer, or something totally different; we can help you get the best value for money and maximum satisfaction on your equipment trailers order.

Useful Tips for Successful Transportation via Lowboy Trailers

  • Choose a Carrier You Can Trust - Always make sure to choose a trusted carrier, as there are many different options out there, and some are far more reputable and reliable than others when it comes to finding a lowboy tractor-trailer and other kinds of lowboys.

  • Get quotes - Always make sure you get several quotes and compare your options before booking or ordering any kind of lowboy trailer, as prices can vary quite a lot from one provider to the next.

  • Check the Details - Be sure that all of your BOL information is correct at all times to avoid any possible issues when working with lowboys. This applies to almost any other kind of freight transport too.

  • Get a weight certificate with accurate dimensions - Before sending any kind of item or shipment on a lowboy trailer, make sure to get a detailed list of measurements and dimensions, including height, length, depth, weight, and so on, as well as taking pictures of the shipment before it travels.

Find The Right Lowboy Hauling Company With FreightRun

If you need to transport heavy equipment or machinery, you'll need to find a reliable lowboy transport company.

There are many lowboy hauling companies out there, but finding the right one can be a challenge. FreightRun can help you find the right transporter for your needs. We have a network of trusted and experienced transporters who can provide safe and efficient service.