LTL Accessorials, Avoiding Them or Getting the Accessorials You Need

Posted On 29th March 2017

If you are paying the freight bills, be aware of the conditions the driver will face at the pickup and delivery sites. You need to know exactly what a driver will need to do at each end of the shipment.

The bottom line is that the ONLY time there are no accessorial charges involved is when the driver pulls up to a commercial truck bed high dock for loading and unloading. If unloading, the driver will get the freight to the tail of the truck if the freight is light enough, and from there it is the shipper’s or receiver’s responsibility to pull it into their facility.

If the driver is required to pallet jack your freight off the truck and into the facility, there is a very good chance there will be an Inside Delivery charge. The same applies for LTL-freight pickup, if the driver has to go inside more than 5’ off the back of a truck with a pallet jack to get the freight. If you want him to go 50’ inside to pick up or drop off the freight, it will be considered an Inside Pickup or Delivery, and if there are stairs or another floor involved, it is a White Glove Pickup or Delivery.

Keep in mind that it is the driver’s sole discretion whether to use the liftgate. It is considered a safety decision often, and per the Carrier Tariff a freight payer will have no real grounds to dispute such a charge. A driver on a delivery may opt to use his liftgate if the receiver does not aggressively move the freight off the truck on their own. The driver does not have to wait more than 15 minutes or so to get unloaded. Regardless of whether the liftgate is used due to driver convenience or receiver incompetence, the freight payer is completely liable for such extra charges.

Another vital item to confirm are the operating hours at both ends. The pickup must be completed in a specified window, and if shipper is closed or too busy during that window, a Dry Run fee may be charged. If the freight goes out for delivery and no window is specified or no appointment is required and the receiver closes before normal business hours, the freight payer will most likely get a Redelivery charge. It can be a very large charge, $250 even, so you must know the receiving and shipping hours when you book the freight.

There are many other accessorial charges, such as limited access pickup or delivery sites, which include job sites, residential, farms or ranches, schools, churches, museums, trade show deliveries, etc. Each one has its own special challenges and merits its own accessorial charge. Be sure to check the correct box for the type of location you are shipping from and to and if necessary, chat with your freight provider to be sure you have all the necessary services identified in the freight quote and then on the Bill of Lading (BOL).

FreightRun works hard to manage expectations and satisfaction and we want to get you the services you need, but no more, in the quote and on the BOL.

It is your responsibility to know what your shipment requires, but certainly ask for help if you have a question on the pickup or delivery.

It is always best to prepare in advance so that you get the right trucker to provide the right services at the best price possible.