What Is Curbside Pickup and Delivery Services

Posted On 14th June 2024

Are you wondering what curbside pickup is and how to pick up your order? You’re at the right place. This guide will explore the main features of a standard curbside pickup service and compare it to a freight pickup to help you determine the best shipping method for you.

So, let’s start by learning more about the freight pickup service!

What is a Freight Pickup?

Understanding the meaning of freight pickup requires reviewing all the possible pickup options for the shipment you have ordered. In some cases, standard delivery of freight will not be possible unless the shipment is scheduled for a curbside pickup or an inside delivery at the recipient’s end.

This is where knowing what curbside pickup is comes in handy.

It is natural for some freight shipments to have limited delivery options, but this is all based on the pickup request scheduled by the recipient. The sole purpose of a freight pickup is to acquire the shipment from a specific collection address and deliver it to a provided location or wait for the customer to arrive.

Can Freight Shipments Be Delivered Over Curbside Pickup?

Absolutely! In fact, shipping freight via the curbside delivery method is a preferable option for many consumers who have been abandoning other delivery methods. Calculating the delivery requires identifying the types of freight that will be shipped and choosing an appropriate delivery destination.

Additionally, you must check whether the delivery company offers curbside pickup and review the average charge rates for your shipment. Now, let's learn more about how curbside pickup works and what’s specific about this shipment method.

What Does Curbside Pickup Mean?

How Does Curbside Pickup WorkCurbside delivery occurs when a user places an online order through an application or web store and drives to the pickup location to retrieve the item. In some cases, the consumer doesn’t even have to leave their car if the pickup location is at a retail store.

The shipment can be delivered to the curbside of your physical store, but you’re always presented with several pickup options when signing up for a curbside pickup delivery service.

It’s an excellent method for retailers to expand their options for pickup and delivery services and provide customers with seamless order fulfillment.

After understanding what curbside pickup means, let’s learn how this shipping method works!

How Does Curbside Pickup Work?

To understand how this type of pickup works, we must define curbside and set expectations for the user. When the item or freight pickup is ordered, it may take several days before it is processed, acquired, and delivered to the curbside of the specified address.

Steps to Follow for Curbside Pickup

  1. Choose a store offering a curbside pickup delivery service and place your order.

  2. Wait for confirmation from the store that your order has been processed.

  3. Drive to the pickup location specified in the order.

  4. Notify the store that you have arrived at the destination.

  5. Stay in your car until a store associate brings the order.

  6. Verify that you have received the order in real-time or through the app.

  7. Complete the pickup and provide any required documents or ID.

This is what curbside delivery means step-by-step. Now, let’s compare this delivery method with freight shipping and discover what’s common and what’s different.

What’s the Difference Between Freight Pickup and Curbside Pickup?

After learning what a freight pickup is, we can compare it to a standard curbside delivery method and identify the positives and negatives of both services.

Meaning of Curbside Pickup:

  • Curbside delivery involves receiving a product provided by retail stores where customers can place an online order and receive the product outside the store.

  • The primary items for curbside pickup include everyday consumer goods such as groceries, clothing, household items, and electronics.

  • Transportation to the outside of the store is typically conducted by a staff member responsible for your order.

  • The delivery location is usually outside the physical retail store of the merchant.

Meaning of Freight Pickup:

  • Freight delivery involves the transportation and delivery of large, heavy, or bulk items that require specialized care.

  • Items typically include construction materials, large industrial products, furniture, and other appliances.

  • Transportation is conducted by specialized freight carriers, dual trucks, and single-trucks designed to handle heavy loads.

  • Unlike a curbside pickup order, freight shipments take more time to be acquired, prepared, and sent for shipping.

  • The final stage is the delivery at the specified location and the issuance of a bill of lading for all conducted services at the consumer's expense.

After understanding what curbside delivery is and the components and specifications of a freight shipping service, let’s move on to details about residential shipments!

Is Curbside Pickup Only for Residential Shipments?

The short answer is no.

One of the main goals of curbside pickup is to save the user’s time by bringing the product outside the physical retail store, generally to the curbside. A curbside delivery that’s only available for residential shipping typically has freight integrity and requires specialized transportation.

Common carriers offering this type of delivery method provide dock-to-dock transportation or curbside service for physical retail stores.

Benefits of Using Curbside Pickup

After fully understanding what curbside pickup is, let’s discover the benefits of this shipping type:

  • User convenience in quickly and easily picking up the order without entering the store, saving time and effort.

  • Flexibility, as you can drive and acquire your shipment at a convenient time, typically within the same day.

  • There could be a free shipping reward for ordering products over a particular price margin, but this depends on the service.

  • No delivery wait has made many users choose curbside delivery for shipping small household items or appliances.

After finding out what curbside delivery means, we can conclude that in comparison to freight shipments, these delivery methods are not alike. The purpose of curbside delivery is for items much smaller in size, while freight shipments are designed to transport building materials, large industrial products, and furniture.