What Is a Dually Truck - the Best Trucks for Hotshotting

Posted On 12th June 2024

Looking for the best dually pickup trucks to deliver your freight shipment? Keep reading!

Dually trucks are perhaps the best trucks for hotshotting due to their heavy-duty performance and dual-rear-wheel drive with up to 2,000-pound capacity. Follow this guide as we uncover all the details about dually trucks, hotshotting, and review your best options.

What Is the Purpose of a Dually Truck

What Is the Purpose of a Dually Truck?

To properly answer what a dually truck is, we must explore its specifications and purposes. Dually trucks are designed for heavy-duty loading and are perfect for time-sensitive hotshot deliveries.

A standard double-wheel truck serves the purpose of acquiring and delivering less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments within a specific time frame. These trucks can access secluded or narrow locations that standard full-sized delivery trucks cannot reach.

Dually Truck vs. Single Truck

To understand the purpose of a dually truck, it’s helpful to compare it with a standard single rear-wheel axle heavy-duty truck. Both options are reliable for freight delivery, but dual rear-wheel trucks have an edge with their long beds and parameters.

Although single trucks have less balance and traction compared to their dual axle counterparts, they compensate with greater fuel efficiency, meaning fewer stops for refueling.

What Is Hotshot Trucking?

Finding the best hotshot truck for your freight shipment requires extensive knowledge of rear-wheel trucks and how they operate. It is essential to calculate the exact weight of the shipment to determine whether a dually pickup or a single truck will work.

In short, hotshotting involves picking up and delivering time-sensitive freight or standard shipments to accessible locations. A dually pickup truck is equipped for professional purposes such as hauling or towing heavy shipments.

Key Features of Hotshot Trucking

To understand the purpose of a dually truck, we need to review the key features and specifications of heavy-duty pickup trucks in general.

Here are some important factors of hotshot trucking:

Other factors such as regional focus and cost variations based on load size are common for many businesses offering this service. The best truck for hotshotting is defined by reliability, cost-effectiveness, and safety for the shipment.

Is Using a Dually for Towing Cars Possible?

Hauling cars with a dually truck has become a popular topic in hotshotting. The answer is yes, a dually truck can be used for towing cars.

In conclusion, dually truck hauling is possible with the appropriate equipment and necessary knowledge about the truck, lifting, and hauling mechanisms.

Best Dually Trucks for Hotshotting

If you’re looking for the best trucks for hotshotting, you’re in for a treat!

Here are some top-performing dually duty pickups that can handle your 2,000 lbs shipment with ease, without compromising the integrity of the freight:

  • RAM 3500: Known for increased stability, premium reliability, and low fuel consumption in diesel engines.
  • GMC Sierra 3500HD: Offers reinforced suspension and dual-rear-wheel drive configuration, delivering high performance and luxury at an affordable price.
  • Ford F-350 Super Duty: Renowned for its 430 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque, making it ideal for heavy hauling.

5 Benefits of a Dually Truck for Hotshot Loads

When it comes to timely deliveries, a dual rear-wheel truck is best for heavier and larger freight shipments requiring higher towing and hauling capacity. Here are some benefits compared to a single truck:

  1. Highly increased towing capacity.
  2. Improved handling and stability.
  3. Better traction and higher torque.
  4. Longevity and better durability.
  5. Versatility for recreation and work.

Consider these factors when choosing a dually car hauler or hotshot truck for your shipment.

Do All Dually Trucks Use a Diesel-Powered Engine?

“Are all dually trucks diesel or are there reliable gasoline options?”

Not all double-wheel trucks are powered by a diesel engine. While the best dually trucks for hauling often use diesel engines, gasoline engines can also deliver performance but at a higher fuel consumption rate.

Diesel engines like the 6.7-liter Cummins are known for their higher torque, making them ideal for hauling heavy freight.

Best Hotshot Truck Setup

The best hotshot truck setup includes specialized equipment that allows the dually to handle a wide range of shipments safely and efficiently. By adhering to best practices and investing in the right equipment, you can turn a regular dually into a serious towing machine.

Here is some essential equipment for the best dually truck for hotshotting:

Dually trucks must be properly equipped to handle time-sensitive shipments without compromising the shipment's condition and quality.

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After discovering the best trucks for hotshotting, it is evident that trucks with dual-rear-wheel drive are industry leaders. These trucks can handle time-sensitive freight with reliability and efficiency without compromising the shipment's condition.