Should shippers book's pallet truckers or LTL/NMFC-class rated carriers?

Posted On 7th February 2016

On small shipments one or two skids it is hard to beat, price-wise, traditional common carriers with tariffs and classes based on the National Motor Freight Classification system (NMFC).

Once you get to 4 skids and above though the Pallet Carriers really become competitive and they either drive direct with your freight or perhaps have just two transfers - one from the smaller pickup truck into a larger linehaul truck; and the same thing in reverse at destination.

Coast to coast - California to East Coast - and West Coast to East Coast; these pallet carriers are becoming more and more dominant. Less handling (or no handling!) means freight looks wonderful upon arrival and arrival happens sooner!

There are certain other markets where pallet carriers operate in - the Northeast - and also from California outbound to Colorado and certain other markets.

If the FreightRun Freight Calculator doesn't give you pallet carrier rates call or email us - sometimes it might be the size or height of your skid - other times we might have to check with the spot pallet carriers and get you a spot rate from them.

With all these rates one MUST BE CONFIDENT in the measurements and weights you are entering into the Freight Calculator.

The quote from each carrier can vary widely depending on the balancing they are doing in their trucks - so a class 150 might move at 1/2 the price of a class 150 - so a mistake in dimensions and weight that would push your freight from a class 100 to a 150 can be disastrous - so KNOW YOUR FREIGHT.

If you are not the actual shipper, it is a great idea to have the shipper send pictures with a measuring tape in it of each dimension of the skid/skids shipping and a picture of the weight ticket or other proof. You might also make the shipper CERTIFY his weights and dimensions so if the carrier does inspect and weigh and increase the price you have recourse against the shipper who MISINFORMED you of the weights and measures.