Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping and Rates with FreightRun: 3 key advantages

Posted On 19th July 2017

Full truckload (FTL) shipping is the transport of large quantities of goods on a single truck. FTL shipments are typically larger and heavier than less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, and often require special handling.

When shipping FTL, shippers must determine the type of truck that best suits their needs. The most common types of trucks used for FTL shipping are dry vans, flatbeds, and reefers. Dry vans are the most versatile and can be used to ship a variety of goods, including general merchandise, retail products, and automotive parts. Flatbeds are best suited for large, heavy, or oddly shaped items that cannot be loaded into a van. Reefers are refrigerated trucks that are used to transport perishable goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals.

FTL shipping rates are based on a number of factors, including the type of truck, the distance traveled, the weight and size of the shipment, and the handling requirements. Shippers can use FreightRun Quotes Calculator to ensure they are getting the best rate possible.

When booking Full Truckload Shipping on FreightRun.com, the freight professional gains 3 key advantages:

  1. Quality and Security: We send in only vetted carriers. We have checked their insurance, operating authority, and reputation. Often, we have done business with them already. We protect you and buffer you from the many frauds and schemes that exist on the carrier level.
  2. Freight Reviewer: We supply you with a staff of experienced freight trackers who look out for you every step of the shipment. They check to make sure the freight you are shipping is covered by the Carrier’s policy. They review the packaging of your goods (if you are not the shipper) to be sure it is rigorous enough. They demand the carriers deliver as promised and put in monetary penalties if they do not. They track the shipment in real time all day and provide you with progress reports. They make sure the Receiver is ready to take the freight on the scheduled day of delivery. They constantly update you with meaningful and accurate information.
  3. Transparency: We provide you with our Operating Authority and a $75,000 Performance Bond. You can talk to the CEO and COO if you’d like. Our job is to present you with legitimate transportation options and you make the choice. Then we execute your choices with precision.

FreightRun provides its clients with substantial savings while reducing many liabilities and risks of errors that if mismanaged, can significantly increase annual logistics operating costs.

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