5 Important Things to Know About Shipping Full Truckloads Freight

Posted On 9th November 2015
  1. Type of Equipment - The two main distinctions are "VANS" (53' Long Covered Trailers) and "FLATBEDS" (53' open decks) - covered trailers keep things driest but flatbeds can be tarped - speak with your colleagues and boss about how you normally ship your particular products. Make sure there is easy access - enough turning room - for a big truck to get into your dock but also at the receiver's dock!
  2. Pickup and Dropoff Locations and Times - Note you should be able to load the truck within 2 hours and load it so that it can be unloaded in 2 hours - that is all the time you get without a special arrangement - more time is more money. Set appointment time or window and the same for drop off - and spell out the consequences of lateness up front with your broker and on the bill of lading.
  3. Don't expect help loading or unloading from the driver - if they loaded or unloaded every load they'd have broken backs after a month ... if help will be needed negotiate the scope of work and price IN ADVANCE.
  4. Full Truckload Pricing Tip - Before you hire local truckers, get full truckload pricing from FreightRun.com who will sort through dozens of carriers who NEED to go to the area you are shipping to and will discount your price - and usually deliver faster - than local truckers.
  5. Insurance - Check carrier's insurance and accident record online OR book your FTL (or LTL) loads with a reputable broker like Freight Run who does this check for you.

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