What is the Value of 3PLs and Online Brokers?

Posted On 4th January 2024

What is the value of 3PLs? Why buy transportation software? Why use an online freight broker? Why you are better off going online to buy LTL shipping than to a few LTL carriers directly?
(HINT: They don’t respect the volume of business you offer and price it MUCH more expensively than we do !).

FreightRun is an online shipping platform that allows you to compare the prices of the top-ranked regional and nationwide carriers. You can immediately book the carrier you choose, then automatically be emailed or can print the labels and shipping documents. After each shipment, you have the option of rating the carrier you choose. You can also buy supplemental cargo insurance which is twice as likely to pay and 5 times faster than relying on Carrier insurance.

What is the Value of 3PLs and Online Brokers

FreightRun is a web-based transportation management platform that automates the entire shipping process for you so you do not have to hire a Logistics Director or Shipping Manager. Any employee or Owner can easily choose the best carrier for your particular shipment, print labels, and print the bill of lading, and the pickup is called in automatically and the shipment tracked to the destination for you.

This eliminates bothersome salespeople calling you begging for freight. This eliminates the possibility of your shipping guy choosing whatever LTL carrier buys him a pizza on Fridays.

This platform assures that you choose the best-ranked carrier (clients rank truckers based on recent performance) with an acceptable transit time and at a significantly lower price than you can negotiate directly with that trucker. That’s our value proposition.

Do you like having your time and money wasted? Do you like talking to people on the phone a lot, calling in the pickups yourselves, and having salespeople stop by to check your pulse? Then go direct. But go with FreightRun.com if you want a better-optimized shipping solution that also costs you a LOT less!