- Volume and Truckload Freight Shipping

Posted On 5th January 2016 is unique in that you can get instant zip-to-zip pricing for most volume and truckload (FTL) full truckload transportation moves.

Most other freight carriers offer a feature where you basically fill out their form, and the form is emailed and 30 minutes to an hour later you will get a quote.  Unfortunately, they are quoting that price depending on what their particular situation is that day or week on the other hand is combining the information from thousands of truckers that day and week to determine the price – in other words, the wisdom of the markets is available at your fingertips if you utilize’s Full Truckload Volume and Truckload pricing module.

Available at the site is valuable information if you are the freight buyer for your company – check out the Truckload Shipping: the Basics and also Top 5 Tips To Get Best Rate/Pricing For Your Full Truckloads.

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