Fight Freight Inspection Up-Charges from LTL Common Carriers

Posted On 21th February 2016

How to Fight Freight Inspection Up-Charges from LTL Common Carriers: Weights, Measures and Density Disputes? To successfully fight a weight/measure/density dispute with a common carrier you must find the grounds for a sound argument in terms they will understand.

For all weight and measurement disputes, immediately if possible reweigh and re-measure the skids or pieces in question and take photographs if the reweights/measures prove their inspectors wrong. Use an unrelated party to do so if possible and have them certify the results.

We have seen an example of Carrier Inspectors finding that the Length was 3" MORE than indicated by the shipper on the BOL, but also ignoring the fact that the Height had been overstated by the shipper by 6". In many of these cases, the density has not changed, and therefore the class has not changed. Have the receiver of the freight re-measure and take pictures of all dimensions, or re-weigh if it is a weight dispute only.

If the freight is no longer available, then you must provide documentary evidence. Ask the manufacturer to supply you with the packed dimensions and weight from their product sheets or catalogs. Failing that, have the shipper reconstruct theorder if possible, and reweigh or re-measure the skid to either confirm or deny the Inspector’s Report – of course, have shipper provide a written statement, photographs, whatever documentary evidence you can create in support of your argument.

If you are the freight payor but not the shipper, demand that the shipper weighand measure the piece(s) they are shipping for you on the day of shipping - and if possible certify those weights and measures on a sheet of paper for you. Keep that for your records it will work very much in your favor in the case of a weight/dimension or density dispute with the carrier. Getting the NMFC number from the shipper is also a good idea, and will prevent disputes or win them for you also.

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