Announcing automated 3rd Party Supplementary Insurance at FreightRun

Posted On 26th June 2017

FreightRun now partners with Falvey Shippers Insurance to provide you with automated Supplementary Insurance quotes. This option is now available when you book your shipment on!

Importance of Supplementary Insurance:

When a shipment is lost or damaged, it can take months before your claim is settled under a carrier’s standard limited liability coverage. Also, the limited liability coverage provided through your carrier will usually only reimburse damage for cents on the pound, based on the total weight.

Supplementary Insurance protects you beyond the carrier’s standard limited liability coverage. For example:

  • Pays regardless of the shipper’s ability to prove carrier negligence as causation of loss.
  • Pays for losses outside of carrier’s control
  • Pays shipper for the full value of lost or damaged goods
  • Claims are paid within 7-10 days on average, once supporting documentation received

With FreightRun, you can find out the price of the Supplementary Insurance and add it to your Bill of Lading form during your booking process.

protection beyond carrier liability