Ship LTL “PROTECT FROM FREEZING” or use a heated “REEFER” truck with FreightRun

Posted On 12th December 2016

Various industries need to protect their raw materials and products from freezing during sub-freezing temperatures and doing so in transport becomes critical.

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, candy, chemicals like adhesives, agricultural products, and whatever you ship might not improve by freezing or, worse yet, might be ruined.

There are solutions – some LTL companies competently manage “Protect from freezing” shipments for modest fees through a combination of methods:

  1. Tracking the weather, moving your product quickly and strategically to avoid the lowest temps
  2. Adding heaters inside their trailers and covering the heat-sensitive shipments; not all carriers do this though.
  3. Keeping your freight in heated spaces at the terminals.

Note there are times when the common refrigerated LTL carriers are overbooked with such freight and run out of space, or when temperatures get too extreme, and they refuse to take any “protect from freezing” cargo. This happened last year with some of the big LTL carriers. Other LTL carriers never handle it at all, fearing they will fail to take adequate measures.

The other possibility is to hire a heated “reefer” trailer – “refrigerated” trailers can heat as well as cool – so if a critical cargo of high value must be protected and one has a full truckload of it or more than a half load, this is the way to go.

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