LTL Trucker Carrier Reviews: Read LTL and FTL Shipping Companies Reviews

Posted On 28th August 2016

Well, we don’t know but we encourage all of our clients to help one another out and post honest carrier feedback after the shipment has been delivered.

FreighRun does its level best to steer clients to the carrier most likely to perform the best in a particular lane.  However, it is your decision – the freight payer, freight booker, traffic manager or logistics director – whatever your title is, to pick from among the carriers presented by FreightRun’s Freight Calculator.  Before you choose, you can read other client comments to get a good idea of their experiences with each carrier.

We all know that every carrier can do a mistake – it is the frequency of that happening which makes one carrier superior over another and, of course, how they make the situation right. Contribute to and read your fellow community members comments to get an idea of how a particular carrier is really performing.

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