What Is TONU in Trucking - Truck Order Not Used

Posted On 26th December 2023

Ever heard of TONU charges in trucking? Brace yourself for potential surprises if a shipper cancels a delivery or pickup.

TONU, short for "Truck Ordered Not Used", is a fee the trucking company imposes. It applies when a customer cancels a confirmed arrangement or isn't available upon the truck's arrival.

In logistics, TONU refers to last-minute cancellations, a common occurrence when plans change. Sometimes, plans for transportation don't unfold as expected, leading to these charges. This article will explore what TONU entails, how it operates, and how to avoid such unexpected accessorial fees. Stay informed to avoid unexpected accessorial charges if you need to modify your shipping plans.

What Does TONU Mean in Trucking?

TONU, or Truck Order Not Used, occurs when a transportation company like yours is ready to pick up a load, but the shipment isn't available. It's a setback that can result

  • Last-minute shipper canceled
  • Unprepared loads
  • The shipper's equipment error.

This situation can be frustrating as it wastes time and resources, potentially consuming half a working day. The commitment of time, miles driven, and idle waiting can turn an otherwise profitable day into a loss. Stay informed about TONU challenges and how to navigate them in the trucking world.

How Much Does a TONU Fee Cost?

Concerned about TONU fees in the trucking business?

While they can be inconvenient, they won't break the bank. Generally ranging from $150-$300 per truck for standard TONU charges, your costs may vary.
Specialized truck and trailer bookings incur higher TONU fees. These fees start at $500, especially for over-dimensional or overweight shipments.

Additionally, you'll cover any permits obtained for your freight movement. The final TONU fee, be it standard or specialized, depends on the inconvenience caused by the cancellation. Minimize the risk of high freight charges.

TONU fees for trucks yet to depart cost less than those already on-site during a cancellation. Stay informed to manage your trucking expenses effectively.

What Causes a Truck Order Not Used Charge?

The trucking industry is colossal. In 2021 alone, trucks transported 10.93 billion tons of freight, accounting for 72.2% of total domestic tonnage.

TONU in Trucking - Truck Order Not Used

Despite reliance on the trucking and logistics industries, plans may not always unfold seamlessly. Effective lines of communication are crucial. Avoiding the wrong equipment orders is essential to preventing TONU charges.

Stay informed about potential pitfalls in the trucking industry. This ensures smoother operations.

Such massive operations can trigger TONU fees for various reasons, including:

  • Supply chain delays
  • Construction site delays
  • The load is not ready for pickup
  • Last-minute shipment cancellations
  • Incorrect pickup time entries
  • General human error
  • Unexpected manufacturing delays
  • Inappropriate transportation ordered

How Can You Avoid TONU Charges?

Avoiding TONU charges in shipping goods is entirely possible, and here are tips to help you save money:

Plan Ahead for Smooth Operations

To sidestep TONU charges in the logistics of dry van shipments, meticulous planning is key. Ensure everyone on your team aligns on delivery date and time to the precise location. This proactive approach ensures goods are ready for pick-up. Someone is available to meet the driver upon arrival.

Effective Communication Is Crucial

Planning and communication are pivotal in preventing TONU charges and ensuring a seamless pick-up process. Keep the lines open with a freight trucking company, promptly informing them of any plan or need changes. Internally, plan and communicate with your team about updated arrival times or alterations in the order.

Understanding Your Contract

Know your contract terms, especially regarding TONU charges and their amounts. Find this crucial information within your contract. If any uncertainties arise about the contract or TONU charges, contact your designated point of contact. Seek clarification for any questions you may have.

Building Strong Relationships

Establishing positive relationships with your trucking company can contribute to TONU charge avoidance. A mutually beneficial working relationship encourages both parties to uphold their commitments. This fosters smoother operations and reduces the likelihood of TONU fees.