Volume LTL Shipments

Posted On 29th August 2016

Want a discount when you ship 4 skids or more? Or want to avoid unexpected charges from Less Than Truckload (LTL) common carriers when they arbitrarily and inconsistently enforce their cubic capacity and Density Minimum Charge (DMC)?

Want your shipment with a contract carrier who loads your freight and it doesn’t get touched until it is unloaded at your customer’s dock?

Calling every LTL carrier you know does not always yield you the best deal and best service, so instead, consider letting FreightRun.com call its huge network of carriers for you. FreightRun.com has automated volume pricing for many lanes with spot contract carriers who can haul pallet-loaded freight or floor-loaded freight, in addition to the normal common carrier volume options.

You gain the additional benefit of FreightRun personnel managing both the automated and manual tracking on every load. You may be off the clock but we are not, and we do an excellent job of pushing your freight through common carriers’ systems and also solving any issues that arise en route with contract carriers.

We also ask a lot of questions up front and talk to receivers, if possible, to avoid costly surprises from happening during delivery.

All that due diligence means we have your back, that we are proactive, and that we try to identify and solve problems as early as possible.

Volume shipping, when avoiding the trickier parts of common carriers’ tariff clauses, can help you move your freight at a much lower rate while eliminating the chance of most upcharges by the carrier.