STANDARD FTL  or “Plain Vanilla” Full Truckload Moves

Posted On 12th May 2017

The standard FTL move, or “plain vanilla truckload” move is most often performed by spot market truckers via broker or 3PL intermediaries.

To qualify as a standard FTL move it must be a dock-to-dock business-to-business move of industrial or consumer goods. Most often it is raw materials or component items moving to another factory. In these shipments shipper and receiver have 2 hours to do their part, load, or unload.

After that, there are detention penalties. So even if you are not the shipper or receiver, but you are paying for the freight, you will also pay for detention or other issues or extra services demanded by the shipper or receiver. So it is important to require of both that they honor the pickup window and delivery appointments you have set, and it is good policy to hold them accountable and to deduct or charge them in some way for the extra money the cost you for their own mistakes or incompetence during loading and unloading.

If you are a freight buyer, CFO watching over freight buys of your Logistics Director or Supply Chain managers, you should know that it is now possible to check if your company is paying too little or too much by checking what you pay against the FTL Automatic Quotes you can get at

If your company is paying too much, it might be because you are paying for extra services at one end or another of the shipping process. Those extra costs might be avoided with better planning or communication with the parties involved. Be sure to look at the all-inclusive costs of any freight moves - actual freight invoices plus any fees you might be paying to a 3PL on top of those invoices.

Compare that all-inclusive price to the FTL Calculator at FreightRun. If you are paying more or the same, you should talk to us af FreightRun because besides the price our tech can cut other costs for you in addition to just the freight.

Also for those who do FTL RFQs all the time, use the FTL Freight Rate Calculator to compare the rates you are getting in, or to fill in your spreadsheet in advance. Our shipping specialists can even do this for you.

The more your FTL freight moves are “standard” or “plain vanilla” - which is to say “trucker friendly” Full Truckload moves, the lower carriers, and freight brokers will price your business. It is worthwhile to attempt to remove the strangest or most demanding requirements from freight shipping carriers if possible as they tend to overprice such extra services.

In any case, standard FTL or special needs Full Truckload movements, FreightRun Shipping Specialist are standing by to help you price it and move it. Contact us ASAP or come to the website and get a quote for FTL or LTL freight moves from our Freight Rate Calculator.