Responsibilities of the Receiver

Posted On 2nd October 2017

Remember to carefully inspect your freight first before signing the delivery receipt!

Because of recent developments in the Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) industry, great responsibility has been placed on you, the recipient, when you receive the freight. You should thoroughly inspect all sides of the freight for holes in the box or packaging that could have been created by the tines of a forklift. You should look for any signs that the carrier repacked the freight. Count the number of boxes or pieces and make a note of it. If you notice any issue, take pictures of each and every bump or hole in the packaging, with the driver next to the damage and pointing to it if possible. The pictures will be critical proof for your claim.

Any potential damage or shortage must be noted at the time of delivery on the delivery receipt, or there will be no basis for an insurance claim and you will be required to pay in full for the goods. It is negligent to not follow these instructions carefully, given the rules, regulations and laws that are in place today. A receiver has the responsibility to certify that the goods are received in perfect order, or not, on the delivery receipt. When you sign the delivery receipt, any exceptions to perfection (crushed boxes, damage, missing items) must be noted or you forego your right to make a claim or subtraction from our invoice to you.

Please protect yourself by carefully following these procedures.