Need Help with Freight Rates or Shipping a New Product?

Posted On 5th January 2024

Need help with freight rates? Need help shipping a new product? Are you a great salesman or sales rep or manufacturers rep? Want your delivery guy/trucker to be your brand ambassador?

Who is this solution for: solo or nearly solo entrepreneurs who need to sell like hell, and who have no time to babysit truckers – that is our job! we are a much better option for you than using the one or two carriers you overpay now for your moves.

Bottom line: while planning a product rollout, remember the logistics if done right can add value and be a huge reputation and brand enhancer!

When delivering a fun, new product to a customer, that they are excited to buy, there is nothing worse than the trucker screwing up the delivery so bad that it actually makes the client sorry he ordered your product!

FreightRun coordinates the delivery with your client, and handles those delivery details A to Z, and makes sure the delivery trucker shows up in the window promised and performs as your client needs them to.

We smooth over any issues, also make sure the client is happy with what they received, and let you know within minutes that it was delivered and if there was an issue, what it was.

We act in all circumstances as your Brand Ambassador. That last touch with the buyer of your product is critical, and we make sure we leave them happy. This builds positivity around your brand, great word of mouth, and better product reviews.

You are a small company, who doesn’t need to hire a Logistics Director at $100k to $250k per year, and why would you when FreightRun can assign you a Shipping Product Launch Specialist who will learn your product, your Brand, your Vision, and implement your, philosophy throughout the Logistics process. Our Specialists are bilingual, and available to help you at the Trade Show or any special events you do.

Please email our us if you are planning a product launch, or if you simply need one of our Logistics Directors to work as your Logistics Guru or outsourced Logistics Director, we can do that.

We can also enable your account at FreightRun and pre-fill the items you ship, and quickly train your clerk, assistant, or colleague in less than 30 minutes how to obtain quotes and ship through our system – and how to get the best price from a quality trucker from amongst. all the options we will display.

Contact us immediately to get going on a better logistics process for you.