Import Solutions For Asian, Australian and European Manufactures Needing USA Distributors

Posted On 6th February 2016

Not sure how to:

  1. Import 10 different orders into the USA market,
  2. Find a warehouse for those orders,
  3. Coordinate the Less Than Truckload and Full Truckload shipments to your customers spread out over the USA,
  4. And manage the liability of selling and shipping inside the USA?

Forwarders can help, but they will require a lot of work from you.

You will still have to deal with product liability, and you will need to make sure the insurance provided by the forwarder sufficiently protects all the risks your product will face. uniquely solves all these problems for you in a comprehensive fashion by acting as the importer and as your distributor within the USA.

We manage the import process, we create warehouse receipts, we create the invoices and packing lists and other documents for each shipment and maintain inventory. We can also provide bi-lingual customer service, accounts receivable accounting, inventory control, sales management, and coordinate customer meetings.

Keep in mind, since we are the importing entity, you enjoy a complete liability break from nuisance lawsuits and many other liabilities. So focus on your sales efforts and marketing strategy in North America, and leave the rest to us.