How To Handle Truck Damages To Your Receiving/Shipping Dock and Surrounding Property

Posted On 20th September 2016

What do you do when a trucker with a full truckload hits your dock so hard when backing up that he breaks apart cement blocks in your building?

Unfortunately, this is a common scenario. If the damage is substantial, you must take action immediately to get the trucker’s insurance company to pay.

Of course, you should follow these tips ANY time a truck damages your property (e.g. cars in your parking lot, trash enclosure, or other property damages, excluding cargo damage).

Three things must be done immediately (and simultaneously):

  1. Call the police since it is an accident like any. Get a written police report.
  2. Stop the truck, if possible, and get a written statement from the trucker admitting fault.
  3. Take lots of pictures, including:
    • Trailer license number
    • Door of truck
    • VIN# of truck
    • Trucker’s driver license (clear and of both sides)
    • Damage to building
    • Driver/Carrier insurance information

With those basics covered, you are almost ready to file a claim. You need to get one or two estimates of how much it will cost to repair the damage and then contact the Carrier and see if they will just pay the repair bill.

If not, file a Claim immediately with their insurance carrier. Fill out their documentation and attach all the pictures noted above and the police report and your estimate and they will most likely pay the bill.