How to Find a Truck to Ship my product? Shipping Strategies

Posted On 27th March 2017

You are a new business, an entrepreneur, and you are still operating from your garage or perhaps you have located a local warehouse that will let you ship from there (better!).

Here are three recommendations:

1. Packaging still must look professional and really should be EXTRA HEAVY DUTY.

You don't have the time or expertise to deal with claims - damages - so make your freight shipments practically bombproof and waterproof. Be generous with shrink wrap. Use heavy-duty cardboard.

Exceed your competitions box thicknesses and the rigidness of packaging. Bind your freight to the pallet. Protect the edges with edge protectors. Wrap cardboard around all 4 skids and top. Nothing succeeds like an excess when it comes to packaging.

2. Get a shipping partner - a motivated 3PL or online freight broker - who is willing to personally call each of your receivers and to make the entire delivery process a pleasure for them

You need during your product roll out a "logistics guy" to be an extension of your Customer Service and Customer Service Ethic - someone who understands that your customer is HIS customer too and the goal is not just customer satisfaction but customer loyalty and a customer who will preach the virtue of your company and its products and service.

3. When choosing carriers with that online freight broker/3PL do not choose the cheapest carrier

Rely on the advice of your Shipping Specialist as to which freight shipping carrier will on average handle your precious cargo with the most respect, most reliably, and be most responsive to his direction.

The three shipping tips above are a foundation on which you can build a customer-driven logistics team that will help build your brand, by providing that "last mile" excellent service which will leave an excellent feeling for your brand with the client.