Full Truckloads Online: Why and Why Not?

Posted On 14th March 2016

FreightRun.com is spearheading the automation of trucking by providing the first on-demand pricing system for basic truckload moves, whether “van truckloads” (tractor/covered trailer loads) or flatbed loads.

Soon. the entire booking process will be automated for all “normal” FTL Truck loads. The standard industry practice for normal full truckloads includes the following:

  1. Can be picked up within in a reasonable 4 hour window.
  2. Requires no special handling by the driver.
  3. Can be dropped off within a reasonable 4 hour window.
  4. Shipper and receiver guaranty they will load the truck within 2 hours.

For deliveries to grocery and distribution warehouse, if the delivery facility doesn’t have a horrible reputation with freight carriers and burdensome lumper or driver unload requirements, often the price will be the same as the spot market if early morning delivery appointments can be made.

Some day the large grocery and warehouse distributors will realize the inefficiencies they create – even if their vendors are paying today. In any case, these loads typically move at a slight premium to the bottom of the spot market – but still reasonably.

If you are a repeat FTL shipper, contact FreightRun.com today for pricing to and from all your points.