Full Truckloads and the Enemies of Transparency

Posted On 12th February 2016

Why do billion-dollar 3PLs love to make shipper sign contracts that effectively take that shippers freight out of the marketplace?

Simply because what the shipper pays in order to have steady freight rates and one vendor is much more money than if the shipper would use the marketplace to negotiate the best rates every day for his freight, LTL (learn about Less than Truckload Shipping here) and FTL.

Shippers, especially non-owner shipping and logistics directors, are not always appreciated for the chances they have to take, and the aggressive energy they need to expend, to lower the bottom line their companies are paying for freight.

Instead, they are rewarded for providing tidy informational presentations and spreadsheets, for being “team players” and for, in general, satisfying the CFO that certain metrics are being made in a predictable steady fashion and that things are working smoothly and liabilities are being avoided.

An aggressive, almost entrepreneurial logistics director who is willing to take some chances on new ways of doing business, and who won’t be punished for the occasional mishap, will pay significantly less for his freight than other freight managers.

In the long run, he will develop some strategic operating and cost benefits for his company.

FreightRun.com brings some automation to the spot market pricing for LTL and FTL Truck Load and a lot of transparency for aggressive logistics directors and traffic managers willing to try a new way to ship, a way that leverages the internet and the changes in the marketplace to a shipper’s advantage.

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