FTL: Online Full Truckload Automatic Pricing: Is it Reliable?

Posted On 29th January 2015

Full truckload (FTL) automatic pricing

Full truckload (FTL) automatic pricing is a process that allows shippers to receive real-time, competitive rates for their full truckload shipments. This type of pricing provides shippers with the ability to compare rates from multiple carriers quickly and easily, and ultimately choose the option that best meets their needs.

FTL automatic pricing is made possible by technology that allows carriers to input their available capacity and prices into a centralized system. This system then provides shippers with instant access to carrier rates and capacity. In addition, FTL automatic pricing gives shippers the ability to book shipments immediately, without having to wait for carrier quotes or availability.

FreightRun Automated Full Truckload Pricing

Automated Full Truckload pricing is available to regular clients of FreightRun. It is a reliable indication of the most recent prices at which freight moved in the lane, and usually the FTL can be booked at that same price without adjustments.

There can be adjustments due to the type of freight you are shipping and the delivery requirements. For example, if the shipment is going to a grocery warehouse with a bad reputation for being rude or for abusing drivers with slow unloads, or it will be unloaded by lumpers demanding cash payment, the prices will be higher. In rare cases there simply may not be any trucks available in that lane that day, but this is not often the case. FreightRun does its utmost to book the freight at the price quoted and is regularly successful at doing so.

If the Automated Full Truckload price seems too high, and you regularly move the freight for a lower price, PLEASE call us and tell us about the shipment and we will talk to our carriers with the goal of lowering your price. It is possible that the last load we did in that direction has skewed our pricing algorithms. For instance, perhaps the last load was a high paying expedited guaranteed load. So email us or call us in those cases. We are competitive on nearly all FTL lanes.