Posted On 19th February 2016

You can qualify for the best FTL trucking rates possible If your company is financially strong and able and willing to adjust your Accounts Payable practices such that freight bills can be paid within 10 days, and if your Traffic Department can change its practices from the old-time “phone call to their buddy broker” to the more transparent online freight booking.

This is because with financial risk removed, and with an automated booking process, the traditional “markup-above-costs" method of pricing is not justified.

The labor to do a transaction – electronic but also the background due diligence that cannot be automated completely by the 3PL/broker, is the same on a small $100 transaction as a $7000 truckload shipment.

Therefore, in the most cost-efficient cooperation model between a repeat shipper such as yourself and FreightRun.com, we should be able to price each transaction as a service charge – not a percentage markup as the base cost is irrelevant.

If you would be interested in such an arrangement, and have more than 20 shipments per week, please contact Frank at FreightRun.com and be sure to mention this program.