Freight Shipping from Canada or Mexico into the U.S

Posted On 22th February 2015

Freight shipping from Canada or Mexico to the United States can be done in a smooth and stress-free manner with the right shipping company. We developed our state-of-the-art freight calculator to provide freight quotes from over fifty leading shipping companies. We have also learned a thing or two about shipping goods from Canada or Mexico into the United States.

Many commercial carriers experience difficulties because they failed to honor some basic requirements. Commercial carriers and truckers have a responsibility to secure people’s cargo in their custody.

Customs and Border Protection (the CPB) has published a list of requirements that must be fulfilled by every commercial carrier. It is important to know these conditions before you begin transporting cargo into and through the United States.

You will also need to acquire an International Carrier Bond to take advantage of some of the programs that are offered by CBP. A beneficial program for international carriers offered by CBP is the Free and Secure Trade. By participating in this program, carriers can be given a FAST card that allows them to avoid delays in clearance by using dedicated lanes when crossing the border. This not only expedites the process for the international carriers, but also enables them to offer a more reliable service.

Having the right documents is also important. If you often clear goods on behalf of your customers, you will need to have a Broker’s license. The other critical documents that are often required by international carriers include the Declaration of Unaccompanied Goods and the Commercial Invoice. It is important to understand the rules and regulations of transporting cargo on behalf of an importer.

To avoid delays in transportation, make sure you contact the port even before the goods arrive to ensure all the paperwork is in order. Waiting until you arrive at the border to determine if you have all the documents required by CBP is likely to cause delays.

You will need a Proof of Bond, Bill of Sale, or Commercial Invoice to clear with the CBP. You may also be required to provide a permit issued by the federal government and immigration documents in order to cross the border. Any information required by the CBP should be submitted on time.

Certain information needs to be transferred to the CBP electronically when shipping cargo from Canada or Mexico into the United States. But there are other instances when you do not have to submit this advance cargo information.

For instance, if you are transporting household effects on behalf of a client with a Declaration of Unaccompanied Articles from CBP 3299 there is no need to submit advance cargo information.

In certain circumstances, drivers with convictions for alcohol-related offenses may be denied entry by the CBP. Although one offense will typically not result in a bar to entry, multiple or other serious criminal offenses may be cause for denial.