Free Freight Rate Calculator for Faster Freight Quotes Online

Posted On 6th February 2015

We recently unveiled a brand new freight rate calculator that provides businesses of all sizes instant 24/7 access to LTL freight quotes from top North American carriers.

We developed to be the leading online platform for freight quotes and a tool for lower freight costs and recently added new features and innovations to our freight calculator to make it simple to use our online LTL and FTL freight rate search and booking system. Our ongoing enhancements are specially designed to reduce many of the common class issues and other problems businesses face when choosing LTL trucking and shipping.

The new system allows users to Compare, Book, and Track to find the lowest and best freight rates online using an advanced freight calculator and software system to instantly compare highly competitive LTL freight rates and transit times from more than 50 freight carriers in North America.

The user can choose the freight carrier book anytime, anywhere – in minutes. After booking, our automated freight tracking system will alert you of the status of your freight delivery. Users can also log in to their account and check the status and history of all LTL freight bookings.

A recent article in the Journal of Commerce online covering the SMC3 JumpStart 2015 conference stated that “U.S. economic growth will increase freight demand and boost shipping costs and domestic transportation rates in 2015.” We are well-positioned to profit from the increase in freight shipping demand. Cheaper fuel prices will also lower freight costs, benefitting shipping companies and freight brokers.

The recent winter weather issues in the East Coast underscored the need for businesses to work with freight brokers with advanced logistics. FreightRun was able to work with its network to ensure everything was moving efficiently, even with highway closures and popular thoroughfares mired in traffic.

We are very excited about our new freight calculator and look forward to delivering the lowest LTL freight quotes online.

For FTL freight quotes and other freight quote requests, our incredible freight brokers are experts in finding the fastest and most affordable shipping options anywhere.