Finding Reliable/Flexible/Excess Capacity in Truckload and LTL Markets

Posted On 10th December 2015

If transportation strategy is not your core business, it is ours and we can add strategic advantage to your Company. We will optimize all available capacity to your company’s needs in the most reliable and flexible manner in our industry.

We will:

  1. Aggressively pursue appropriate freight carrier matches with an aim to reduce risks, assure on-time pickups and deliveries, manage costs, reduce complexity, and contractually lower liabilities for the shipper and/or freight payor.
  2. Provide the capacity expansion you need during your “crunch times” while again keeping the costs below average vs. our competition.
  3. Provide much higher reliability. We do this with a deeper bench with an old-fashioned sense of duty who works 24/7 if that is what is required to pull the “irons out of the fire” for you.

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