Export Sales Need Solution To Forwarding, Logistics & Export Paperwork

Posted On 19th January 2016

An export professional does the hard part of the global commerce job by actually making that initial sale to a client halfway across the globe.  So why do the logistics have to be such a minefield?  And why does the company itself need to have extra staff to babysit these shipments as they make their way to that far away customer?

Why can’t a forwarder “do it all” and even act as the legal exporter? What risks is the company exposed to by selling globally?  Is there a way to minimize those risks?  At FreightRun.com, we believe that we can cut your risks and costs, while freeing your time to focus on your core business, where you deliver the most value.

FreightRun.com offers you and your overseas clients the most comprehensive and simple solution possible: we will export your products for you, door-to-door all-in pricing. Often we can even take the import risks/costs away from your client and you. Further, we can act as the legal shipper on all documents and thus offer an extra liability shield and complete break of the liability chain as the transaction will be processed through our Export Trading Company, FR LLC.

Simplification, centralization, and rationalization leads to better economics and results for our customers.  We would like the opportunity to provide you with global door-to-door all-in pricing and service your business demands.

FreightRun.com is interested in enabling this solution for select Export Sales Managers, International Customer Service Managers, or whatever your title is at a USA exporter. If the above solution is one that interests you, please contact us.

Stay tuned for more updates and automation on this service!