Common Carriers, Transit Times and Online Freight Booking

Posted On 13th November 2017

Common Carriers often provide estimates between zip codes for their transit time - FreightRun automatically passes on that information.

Buyer beware: for some carriers, those times reflect performance 90% of the time; for many others, they are only a goal, and for those carriers they feel they are under no obligation to meet that time.

The best carriers fulfill their estimates 90% of the time. The worst carriers are more like 50% on time. If your shipment needs a delivery appointment or a liftgate service, this adds a day with even excellent carriers.

If you do not know a particular carrier well, has Carrier Review section where clients can comment on their specific experiences - we recommend you read them and also - once a shipment is delivered - comment yourself – 

If you MUST deliver on a specific date, you really should consider booking the guaranteed service or expedited freight shipping service.

Note: If it is CRITICAL that the delivery date be met, contact us and explain the situation, and we can find you direct truck, dedicated truck, express air or even chartered aircraft options for you if necessary. We can’t “Beam Up” or “beam over” your freight yet … but we are working on it 😊!