Check Your Company's Trucking Prices vs. Market Trucking Prices

Posted On 20th February 2016
Often the CEO or CFO or Owner of an ongoing concern has been for so many years away from the nitty and gritty of logistics that they do not know REALLY if their Traffic Dept or Logistics Managers have gotten complacent and perhaps kept ongoing relationships with established carriers or 3rd Party Logistics Firms for too long, and for too long away from the light of the market.  The reports provided – a checking of metrics such as Price per Lb paid this year vs. last year etc. can be distorted and manipulated so they do not even include certain fees incurred by your Company in the logistics process. 

The prudent thing to do in such cases is demand a particular week or months worth of raw freight bills, and to compare what you paid on each freight bill by physically obtaining the market rates at’s transparent site that automatically returns FTL and LTL rates from various and many carriers to you.

The second thing to ask, in addition, and from independent of logistics staff if possible, is to dig into what fees you pay to any 3PL on contract in addition to that freight rate – those fees usually do not show up in their very fancy “metric reports” and so you must look with a jaundiced eye at such reports.

If you would simple like to forward a large sample of such freight bills to someone who would to do the analysis with you, contact us and we will be happy to help.