Best 10 New Ideas For Traffic Managers & Logistics Directors

Posted On 20th May 2016

Idea #1

Arrange someone else – besides you – to track truckers and provide every 2 hour or every 4 hour updates via text or email. An aggressive 3PL should be willing to do it.

Idea #2

Put out a new global Request for Quotes – all your past business listed – see what 3PL or 2-3 carriers even can service ALL your business most efficiently

Idea #3

Never sign a 3PL contract – there is no need – LET THEM EARN YOUR BUSINESS EVERY DAY

Idea #4

SPOT PRICE YOUR SHIPMENTS – Obtain quotes via spot market truckers on your FTL

Idea #5

Combine LTL into FTL shipments or let a broker or 3PL do it for you with your freight or his other client freight from nearby shippers – advantage: direct service, lower transit times, and control over trucks are BIG advantages to you

Idea #6

Obtain automated freight pricing inside of your Enterprise Software while quoting clients - use of APIs makes this possible – salesmen will love you for automating this for them.

Idea #7

Reduce Expedited Shipments that your company pays for by better communication with Sales and Customer Service personnel.

Idea #8

Lock Fuel Prices with all transportation providers for 12 months – transfer that risk to those who are IN the transportation business; should not be your risk!

Idea #9

Lower your freight costs while upcharging our Shipping&Handling Fee so your Department becomes a money maker not just a cost to the Company! Argue for a rational margin on top of costs.

Idea #10

Automate, automate, automate but don’t pay for it - generally, the providers of transportation (3PLs, 4PLs) already have TMS and other innovations that you can take advantage of – it isn’t wise for you to spend your own company’s money on any Tech that won’t pay for itself in the first year.