5 Reasons to Check Out FreightRun Online Shipping System

Posted On 17th November 2015

Reason #1

Transparency - For each shipment you can show why you went with a particular carrier for a price or quality reason. FreightRun.com's Carrier Reviews, filled in by other FreightRun.com customers like you, are available to you also and help to better inform you of the strengths and weaknesses of any particular carrier.

Better informed professional shipping consumers like yourself can make better carrier choices from a platform like FreightRun.com using the Carrier Reviews and comparing carriers cost-wise with the Freight Calculator.

Reason #2

FreightRun.com can switch your common carrier shipments to volume or direct Load-To-Ride carriers with huge benefits in terms of pickup/delivery reliability, shorter transit times, and almost zero claims as freight is not touched or moved in transit.

Check out volume prices with FreightRun.com's online Freight Calculator or contact us and request a direct Load-To-Ride truck expedited or normal service.

Reason #3

FreightRun.com's mission is to aggregate your freight with other freight to drive the LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) prices lower not higher, and long-term use its volume and spot truck capabilities to keep a lid on prices, all for your benefit.

Reason #4

FreightRun.com verifies that the carrier’s insurance is in place and makes sure the trucker's insurance covers your particular products shipped

Reason #5

Regularly shipping with FreightRun.com will save you 5% to 10% with less headache for you and more reliability for your receivers.

Further new additions to FreightRun.com will mean simplified one-stop shopping for any domestic or international shipments you have.

Stay tuned! We’d love to hear from you, post comments below or contact us