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These days you can ship virtually anything, even a car. So, you’re probably wondering, how much does it cost to move a car? Or how much does car delivery cost? Let’s find out all car shipping quotes.

FreightRun offers affordable auto transport services and car shipping costs from some of the best carriers in the United States. We do this by forming partnerships with dozens of trusted providers so our customers can get all the quotes they need in one location.

We can provide you with the car shipping quotes you need to decide on the best carrier for your delivery. We’re committed to helping you find a solution that meets all of your requirements and fits within your budget.

Keep reading to learn about car shipping quotes and the best way to get auto transport quotes.

Why Would You Need an Auto Transport Company

Shipping a Car

You might be wondering why anyone would be looking for auto shipping quotes. Can’t they just drive the car to wherever it needs to go? Well sure, but then how are you going to get back?

Imagine you just sold your car to someone who lives in a different state. Do you really want to drive the car all the way to them and then fly or bus back home? Probably not. This is one of the primary reasons people start searching for car shipping services.

Plus, in some cases, the vehicle that needs to be transported doesn’t run. So, unless you have the equipment to deliver the vehicle yourself you’re definitely going to need to find a company that can help you.

In most cases, you’ll find that doing the work yourself just isn’t worth it. It involves a lot of time and resources that are better spent elsewhere. Even if you are able to do it yourself you’re probably better off just hiring the experts to do it for you.

How Does Car Transportation Work

If you’re considering looking for car transport quotes then you’re probably wondering how you even go about shipping a car. There are a couple of different ways to do this.

  • Open Car Transportation: This is done with the use of large, usually double-decker trailers that aren’t enclosed. You’ve probably seen trucks pulling trailers full of cars just like this many times before. This is the most common way to ship cars and is also the most affordable. So, if you’re concerned about the cost of transporting a car this is likely the best option for you.

  • Enclosed Auto Transporters: If you’re sending a luxury vehicle or classic car to someone then you probably don’t want it exposed to dirt and debris for the entire trip. This is why many choose to ship these types of vehicles inside a closed trailer where it’s protected. Just keep in mind that the average cost to ship a car when using this method is usually higher.

Both options can work great, so it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your needs. Ask around to get some different opinions in order to make the best decision for your delivery.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car

If you’re thinking of shipping a car, you’re probably wondering what the vehicle shipping costs will be. Vehicle transport costs can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Vehicle Size: Longer vehicles like trucks and vans take up more space on trailers, so they’re going to increase your auto transport costs.

  • Vehicle Weight: Every trailer has a weight limit, so shippers require higher car shipping rates for heavier vehicles.

  • Time of Year: Most people ship vehicles in the summer when the weather is nice. The increase in demand means car transport rates increase during this time of year.

  • Travel Distance: Longer trips take more time and resources which will cost you more.

  • Special Care Required: Auto shipping costs increase when you require shippers to take special care with a more valuable car.

  • Transportation Method: Car shipping quotes become more expensive if you require an enclosed trailer.

Unfortunately, there’s no convenient car shipping cost calculator that will instantly give you an exact answer. However, if you look at the data you’ll find that it’s common to pay between $600 and $1100.

Obviously, that is a big difference and the final price will depend on the factors above. If your vehicle is exceptionally large or heavy, it could be more than this. Keep this in mind when you’re searching for car shipping quotes online.

You should also remember that even if you were to deliver it yourself, you’d still have to pay for gas as well as accommodations if the trip took multiple days. When you factor that in the cost is fairly reasonable.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Cross-Country

As we’ve discussed, the further you need to ship a vehicle the more it’s going to cost you. Because of this, the cost of transporting a car cross-country is going to be on the higher side.

The average cost of shipping a car cross-country is $0.78 per mile. This is compared to $2.92 per mile for trips under 1000 miles.

So, while your total cost will likely be higher, you’ll be paying less per mile than you would for a shorter trip.

Because your vehicle will be transported for much longer there’s also more opportunity for something bad to happen to it. For this reason, who may want to consider an enclosed transport. While this will likely increase your car shipping quote, it will also keep your vehicle safer during the trip.

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Car

If you’re having a car shipped to you, you’re likely wondering how long it will be until it’s delivered. The truth is there are several different factors that will influence this, so it can be hard to predict.

The first is the distance it needs to travel. If it’s a short journey it may only take a day. However, if it’s going to be a longer trip it may take multiple days. The amount of time can also fluctuate depending on whether the shipment is delayed.

One of the most common things that can delay a shipment is weather. Bad weather, such as snow, can force trucks to drive slower and if it gets bad it might prevent the trucks from driving entirely. Construction and traffic are also things that can slow down your shipment.

Finally, the time your shipment takes will depend on how many other stops the truck must make. If the truck is carrying a number of other cars, then it will have to make more stops along the way.

If you’re curious how long it will take to ship your vehicle, make sure to ask your carrier.

Tips to Help Your Car Shipment Go Smoothly

There are several things you can do to ensure the shipment goes smoothly. These include:

  • Leave only a small amount of gas in your car. This is a safety precaution, but it also reduces the weight of your vehicle.

  • Remove accessories such as roof racks to prevent them from getting damaged.

  • Check the interior of the vehicle for any personal belongings and make sure they’re removed. This is especially important if you’re selling the car to someone else.

  • Take photos of the vehicle before transportation. This helps serve as a reference point if you believe any damage occurred during transport.

Your carrier might have additional requirements you need to fulfill. Make note of their instructions and follow them carefully to ensure you don’t run into any issues during the delivery.

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