Blind Shipping Services

Shipping a package blind can be an essential tactic for any business that has a relationship with a wholesaler to ship products to their customers. Below we highlight everything one must know about blind shipping, including:

What is a Blind Shipment

What is a Blind ShipmentShipping something blind means that the bill of lading will be hidden from at least one of the parties involved. In some cases, both the shipper and the receiver are unaware of each other, creating a “double-blind” shipment.

The main purpose of blindshipping is to hide the identity of one of the parties involved.

In order to create a blind shipment, you must use at least two different freight Bills of Lading.

You’ll have the blind bill of lading which will be viewed by the customer, along with the proper BOL for the companies shipping blind.

What’s the Difference Between Blind Shipping and Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a function of a blind shipment. A third party may arrange for a shipper to “drop ship” to a customer with a bill of lading that is altered, hiding the true identity of the shipper.

So, when the delivery reaches your customer, they never think twice whether or not the package came from directly from the business owner. Meaning you never have to psychically handle or store the product. Instead, the shipper sends your package directly to the customer for the blind pick up.

Key Blind Drop Shipping Benefits for You

If you run an eCommerce site, the main benefit of blind drop shipping is being able to offer goods that never physically enter your inventory.

The retailer can then wait to actually buy a product until it becomes necessary from an outside sale.

The product can be sold for a profit due to the cost savings on overhead. By drop shipping the product, the retailer only has to ship the item once, from the wholesaler to the customer.

When someone visits your site and clicks purchase on a product, you then in turn pay a wholesaler, who hires a drop shipper. The drop shipper then delivers the product blind to the customer. So, the customer never sees where the product came from, and will assume it came directly from you, the business owner.

What is a Double-Blind Shipment

In a double-blind scenario, the wholesaler is also blind to who is actually receiving the package. In a normal blind drop shipment, the wholesaler will see the customers contact information.

Some business owners would rather the wholesaler not have this information, for fear that they will be cut out of the equation if the wholesaler contacts the customer directly. If you ship double-blind, you create a shipment in which neither the customer or the wholesaler are aware of each other.

How Much Does Blind Shipping Cost

The cost of blind shipping will vary depending on the shipping companies used. Call us today to get you a rate. 

YRC Freight, for example, charges a $127 shipment coordination fee. For this type of service, you would likely be sending a large-scale shipment in order for the profits to be net positive.

Blind shipping is a delicate operation and several things can go wrong. It is crucial to ensure that the carrier has the correct BOL for the consignees and the shippers. It is crucial that the actual addresses are available to the right persons dealing with the freight. And that the price for the shipment is calculated properly based on the factual shipping info rather than the blind.

If you are interested in a hassle-free blind shipment service, we are the broker of choice for many distributors. We will safeguard your information and ensure that the shipment proceeds seamlessly. Contact to us today!