Trade Show Freight Shipping Services

Trade Show Freight ShippingPulling off the perfect trade show booth setup can be an exhilarating experience. You have a really cool product that you are dying to show off, and have dreamed up a flawless layout, including comfortable chairs, tables with drinks, couches, and of course plenty of room for the products.

When you set up for an expo, you’re setting up a fully immersive experience. Expos charge a lot of money to reserve a booth space, and you want to maximize on that investment. So, in the planning stages you may be going a little crazy dreaming up the most picture-perfect setup.

The only problem is, actually getting all of this fun stuff to the exhibition.

That’s where we come in.

Trade show freight shipping services by FreightRun will help you to organize your booth shipping for show-to-show in the right way. We’ll help you find trustworthy trade show transportation to ensure that your exhibition goes just as planned.

Trade show freight can be a headache without the right team on your side. We’ll help you find the trade show carriers that are experienced, efficient and cost effective.

Which Exhibits Can You Ship

Almost any exhibit can be shipped using the proper trade show transportation.

Shipping trade show materials through FreightRun is just like shipping anything else; pack it, secure it, and we find the right trade show carriers for the job.

Trade show booth shipping is no problem for an experienced expo shipping company. This is why it’s so important to choose a carrier that focuses on trade show transportation.

Choose a Carrier That Focuses on Trade Show Transportation

Why choose a carrier that focuses on trade show transportation? Because having focused experience with trade show shipping develops into a team of experts that you can trust.

The best exhibition transport companies are the ones that have done them over and over again.

An expo shipping carrier that specifically focuses on trade shows creates efficiencies in transport logistics. Experienced carriers know the venues, the workers and have good relationships with the unions.

This leads to your exhibit shipping cases arriving on time, intact, and ready to go.

How Much Does Trade Show Shipping Cost

You’ll be surprised to find out that our exhibit shipping costs less than you may think.

However, with that said, the cost of trade show freight can add up quickly and can vary widely depending on many factors.

Here are a few to consider:

Shipping costs are determined by two main factors which will vary for each show:

  • The dimensions of your exhibit shipping cases.
  • The weight of your exhibit shipping containers.

Useful Tips for Hassle-Free Expo Shipping

Try to trim down the weight of shipping materials.

  • Use lightweight carry bags.
  • Use easily packable displays.
  • Don’t ship anything you don’t need.

Do a lot of research on exhibition transport cases

  • For any carry cases you need to buy, always compare multiple products and chose the lightest one.

Ship everything on one load.

  • Don’t send separate shipments out at different times. Using one carrier, one time will be the most efficient way to execute trade show ground transport.

Ship as early as possible.

  • There’s no reason to wait until the last minute to ship. The earlier you send out your materials, the less stress you’ll feel as the big date approaches.

Don’t forget a banner stand!

  • This may seem obvious, but if you want to display a large banner, having a banner stand makes that oh so much easier.

Make sure that your paperwork is filled out correctly and completely.

  • If there are any mistakes in your paperwork, it could cause harmful delays. There would be nothing worse than having all of your materials sent back to you because of a paperwork mistake, causing you to not be able to attend.
  • Be sure to see exactly what the expo requires, and if they provide any assistance with filling out the proper information.

What is the freight class for trade show materials.

We will streamline the process for you, making trade show booth shipping a breeze. Contact us today!