Announcing New Contract with Clear Lane Freight Posted On 31th March 2015
Clear Lane Freight We are excited to let you know that signed and released a new contract with Clear Lane Freight to provide you with even more competitive rates and services! Clear Lane Freight provides long haul LTL service at rates considerably lower than asset based carriers. If you can plan for slightly longer transit times in return for lower cost, FreightRun's new contract with Clear Lane may be the perfect solution for you. Shop for LTL/FTL freight rates and book using FreightRun.c ...

Protect From Freeze Quotes - Now available at Posted On 12th March 2015
Looking for Protect From Freeze (PFF) real time freight quotes? We released this month an upgrade to our Freight Calculator to include a Protect From Freeze!Simply go to and select Protect From Freeze = YESFor our latest news, go to => Compare. Book. Track.