Megaship INDIAN OCEAN Freed Overnight as Tide Rises 1.2 Meters and 12 Tugboats Pull

Posted On 9th February 2016
INDIAN OCEAN is moored now safely at Hamburg where it is undergoing inspections  for damage after its week long ordeal being grounded a few miles short of the Port of Hamburg.

The Elbe and Port authorities must investigate the causes of these megaship problems though the obvious, that all the megavessel’s newest technology does not make up for the reduced margin of error in their maneuver abilities, is already obvious.  In fact, the INDIAN OCEAN at Hamburg is ironically moored now across from the Hyundai Drive, another megaship that hit a buoy recently.

Congrats now to the salvage and rescue crews of the Elbe who did a superb job in mitigating the risks and damage to crew, cargo and ship.  The effort included nearly emptying/pumping out bunker fuel and ballast tanks, evacuation of all non-essential crew, and dredging alongside ship.   For more information and video we recommend you go to:

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